Rethinking Reality: Simple Solutions To Addictions We All HaveRethinking Reality: Simple Solutions To Addictions We All Have

Rethinking Reality: Simple Solutions To Addictions We All Have

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Rethinking Reality: Simple Solutions To Addictions We All Have – is a very sensitive subject to talk about and/or do anything about. We all know what we are doing is not right, but for some reason we keep doing things we “KNOW” we should not do.

We all have a variety of addictions in many layers and levels, and we are going to talk about some addictions that we all have. You may think you don’t have any addictions, but the body’s addiction to “SUGAR is a common enemy of the world. It is indeed the number 1 problem I see all over the world when I travel into any city we call civilized.

Sugar is the main fuel to this infection and addiction. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar you eat, if you have yeast, mold, fungus or candida to share a few names of the “super sugar” parasites or eaters.

The USA and Canada are the fattest countries, and the sickest countries in the world.

The USA spends over 2 trillion dollars a year in health care (or in sick care), and again we are the sickest people in the world that spend the most to try to cure or manage their sickness or dysfunctions.

Here are some of the “super sad” facts/stats:

33% of the population in USA and Mexico are obese, or over 30 pounds + overweight, clogged with plastic, dehydrated, de-mineralized or just plain toxic in nature and the sickest nations in the world as well.

Obesity and the sugar connections are the keys to understanding most peoples unknown addictions they do not have.

“IGNORANCE” versus “INSOLENCE” is the big question to ask yourself if you have this parasitic mind controlling addiction or others.

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Hope you enjoy this “Rethinking Reality: Simple Solutions To Addictions We All Have” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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