Parasitic Connections Mini Lecture

Parasitic Connections

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This is a mini lecture that is very important to learn more about navigating and understanding parasitic connections and or other creatures that live in all of us. Most think that we do not have parasites in our bodies or our minds. This false be-LIE-f of not thinking that you don’t have parasitic connections is completely inaccurate.


This is a very bold statement to say and understand the consequences if they are not managed correctly. Sickness and Health and understood when we all learn more about PARASITES.

We all have a variety of parasites that are living inside of us all because of many variables.

In my lecture I always try to make sure you understand the bizarre world of these creatures and the power they have with manipulating or mind controlling there hosts that are taking caring of them.

The definition of a parasite: An organism that lives off or in another organism, obtaining nourishment and protection while offering no benefit in return. Human parasites are often harmful to the body and can cause diseases, such as trichinosis and many others.

Could it be possible that the BIG “C” SICKNESS or another word for this sickness is called “CANCER”, or a number of other names of dis-eases that people have are a group of a variety parasites that not only live and thrive in us, if the conditions are right, but in time they also eat us to death and live within us, unknown to the host, causing unknown havoc and very detrimental stress on the host?

This lecture is going to go through many variables that we call “Terrain Modification”, that we need to know about parasites and be able to navigate their world of hidden control.

If we only know that parasites, accumulated toxicity, de-mineralized bodies, GMO’s, and Fake Foods are some of the major causes of most of our dysfunctions in our bowels and organs.

Parasites move into the body when the terrain is just right. So, make sure you have have an optimized terrain.

Remember “BODY FAT” is a “PARASITE!”

This is why we learn the practices, protocols and principles of “TERRAIN MODIFICATION” to Optimize, Enhance and Upgrade your Lifestyle internally and externally.

Parasites can cause us to loose our hair, wrinkles on our face and body, dry looking and old skin that is hard and crusted over with a scaling effect we all get when we are aging or accumulating toxicity and parasites on our skin and pores.

We have billions of passengers that live on our skin and in our pores, and right underneath the skin too. So, learning the skin detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, practices and principles is a must for the exterior delousing of these unseen creatures that are in all of us.

Hope you enjoy this Parasitic Connections Mini Lecture :))

Dr. Robert

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Parasitic Connections Mini Lecture

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      Aloha Dahila, its a body and mind conscious movement and evolutionary commitment for sure.

      Terrain modification is also a non stop on going sequence of events that gives us a new life and prospective when we rise our morpho-genic fields to a different and more optimal layer.
      keep up with the programs diligently and practice what you feel you can… As long as you keep disciplined and focused on learning and practicing them for at least a 3-6 month time span …. I guarantee you will feel and look much better in 180 days for sure. The best part is what cannot be explained .. it is the layer of awareness that unfolds for us when we do the Great Work.
      πŸ™‚ Dr r

  1. What a great and shocking video all in one. I thoroughly enjoyed the background, the commentary, as well as the details in which you presented the material. I’m just starting this journey but I feel I’m taking a step in the right direction

    1. Post

      Aloha Michelle. Dr c here ;)) The Bizarre world of parasites … and this is the biggest silent epidemic/sickness that is not seen by the mainstream in the USA and many other countries. We are a very sick country all we have to do is take a look in the shopping center of all of the sick and tired people. Its time for all of us to get smarter and change our ways back to a less toxic and learn the terrain modification protocols to de-accumulate most of the poisons that we all have in us and on our skin and pores.

      Body fat is a creature and a parasite :)) WOW! if that is true then you can see the parasites are everywhere in the USA. 100 million people in the USA are obese and another 100 million are diabetic too.

      So if fat is a parasite and most diseases are causes by toxicity , de mineralizatin, chronic dehydration and parasites are the big three booby traps of sickness or health … these vids help people ”connect some more of the dots” for there future healthy navigation of how they are going to run their lives in the future.
      Its all a work in progress for sure.

      Watch the other lectures on parasites so you can really the psychology of these bizarre creatures. We have lots of info on EA in the lecture and parasite sections.

      :)) Dr r

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