The Smarter We Become The More Evolved We Become

The Smarter We Become The More Evolved We Become

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Aloha all,

The Smarter We Become the More Evolved We Become. A very ”Simple” paradox to ponder upon.
When our bodies and minds become toxic with contaminants, emotional stress, mental stress, ethereal or non natural EMF and ELF’s currents like WiFi, super WiFi ect.

When we become toxic we become disconnected to nature/ourselves/everything in general in any area of the one of the bodies that we all own or have. We lose our cellular conductivity with ourselves and with the miracle of Nature.

This simple sentence may sound very novel but it is the very nutrients/nectar that we all need to have to evolve in the way that makes sense. This is a voluntary ”Call to Action” for all of us on the planet that wish to step up to the next level of existence.

Just to let you know we are not talking a survival existence we are talking Thriving a living or a life.

JOY, BLISS and HAPPINESS are the 3 SACRED worlds that all of us want to achieve in this life time all of the time. This is the key to our evolution of ourselves singularly and collectively as a species.

Are you/we ready to see our position in the planetary schism? Part of our ”SANITY” is to see the ”IN-Sanity” that is rampant everywhere. We are really wanting to live the life that we all know we should. This is part of the ”Evolution” that all seek and gravitate too.

These 3 simple words are on the top of everyone’s list that is living anywhere on the planet.

So what are we all waiting for ?? To let ” Hell in a hand Basket” help us ? Or do we have the ”Emotional/Mental” stability as a collective species to see that all of us are wanting the same 3 sacred words.

Start with yourself/families/pets/garden/household/relationships and clean your act and as we do this ourselves others will be stimulated to clean up there act or lifestyle.

There is no need to ”kill” anything with a face on the planet .. or another sentient being sharing the planet with us all… If you think so .. then you are a part of problem instead of the prime directives three words …. Health, Wealth and Happiness ! or some may say Joy, Bliss and Happiness.

To really learn the variety of techniques that you can do is to practice these techniques and then practice and learn from our private school where we have over 250 private videos on many beginning-intermediate and advanced techniques, protocols, disciplines ideas, concepts etc to take your experience to the next level of detoxification and rejuvenation.

Remember FLOW is EVERYTHING !!!

Learn the ”Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic.

Everything in Life is all a ”Work in Progress”.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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