TransHumanism - Are We Being Programmed for the Future?

TransHumanism – Are We Being Programmed for the Future?

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TransHumanism – How to “Become More Human” is the Theme of this Mini Lecture.

As we talk about Transhumanism, we are also going to touch on two possibly unknown paradigms.

  1. The A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence ) merging with Organic Humans combined to make a new species of part A.I. and Human = Human Cyborg and The Collective.
  2. Internal and External Organic Parasitic Invasion’s on our minds and bodies.

Are these realities or just a assumptions of thought and fear?

When we really take a deep look at this phenomenon we can call this “Silent Assimilation”.

Could it possible that the world as we know it is being Terraformed to another World Reality that is going to take over the current positions of control and manipulation?

Or, is this what is called “Simple Evolution” of the Fittest and Most Cunning?

Could it be possible to fuse or blend AI and Human DNA ?

Could this also be possible: Another scenario is the fusing or blending with Organic Parasites with Human DNA?

Examples of “Silent Assimilation” scenarios:

  1. Machine like “Cyborg Non Emotional Humanoids”
  2. “Organic Parasitic” like Humanoids.
  3. Or both together at once “Organic Parasitic Machine Humanoids”.

You / We are what You / We Eat / Drink / Breathe / Think / Say / Do etc.

Are we being programmed to become more of a different species in that we do not really know at this time ( possibly a more advanced Humanoid Species or a possibly less than what we are today ) ?

Is the advanced technology presently now Powerful and Real for us merge with AI?

Or, is the advanced level of high level technology of Organic Parasites powerful enough to invade all of us too.

We can also Transhumanize ourselves with self responsibility to Become A Better Evolved Human Being using Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles.

These realities could make a great Sci-Fi movie.

This time period we are living is truly a miraculous period in time for us to evolve very quickly, or fall apart very quickly too.

Transgenderism is a real Reality for sure. If you google that term you will find a lot of information on this subject.

Males are being demasculinized ( neutered male from testosterone hormones ), and females are being defeminized ( loss of normal hormones to a new species of DNA ).

If you really take a look see at the genius of the hidden DNA or hormonal manipulation through pesticides such as GMO foods with very strong pesticides Glyphosate, Atrazine and many more “Endocrine Disruptors” like Plastic, Phthalates etc. – all take us away from our true genders.

IT IS TIME TO DO YOUR / OUR HOMEWORK – To navigate this in a good way.

Can you see it in yourself or for yourself? The men are turning into a more feminized species and the woman are turning into a more masculine species.

As you will see the Morphogenic Energy that we be-come is what we really become. Hormones, Vaccines, Hormone Disruptive Chemicals / Hormones and Estrogen Mimickers are very strong DNA life changers.

Again, you see the slow but effective DNA changes in the inner cities populations especially.

A new Hu-man / Woman species is being formed / created indeed when we really look and see how the Hu-man / Woman DNA experiments is going.

You can optimize, enhance or upgrade yourself with learning “Terrain Modification”.

If we clean our acts up and not put into the body and the mind poisons from various vaccines, GMO’s, pollution’s in many variable forms, radiation from disasters and eating and drinking blood and flesh ( that means dominating or preying on other sentient beings just to stay alive not thrive ).

Living in the city and swimming all the time in WI-FRY or WI-FI – or otherwise known as RF Frequency Technologies ( EMF’s, ELF’s, Contaminated Water, Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome etc. ).

This is going to take time to become more informed and navigate to where you want to be.

It is time to re-look at all of the information that we think we should live our lives by.

We are supposed to be logical and reasonable in our decisions in the future that we feel is the right thing to do and be… So, let’s do that if we can :))

This is a long and arduous journey for sure, so if you think this is something that will be very beneficial towards evolution then its really time to engage and become more Human / Woman.

It’s our time to become more Human if you really want it…. it is here for us – for the human species to either grow in ways we did not know we could, or fall prey to the Transhumanistic Parasitic Agendas.

Start you “Evolution” One Baby Step at a Time to Ultimate Freedom!

Hope you enjoy this “TransHumanism – Are We Being Programmed for the Future?” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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  1. Very informative. I am someone who had a very positive multi-dimensional perception/awareness, I studied energy work, natural healing, did a lot of work on myself and I helped others, was vegetarian and then in naive ignorance of what I was facing–I fell. I really fell and am only beginning to climb back out. I now know the power of the light and also the dark which I had ignored. There are dark forces, and when you are on their radar, they will send everything they’ve got to destroy through hooks to where you are still attached to ‘old’ anything. We have great creative power, but do not underestimate what you may not be able to see like I did.
    Your videos are very inspiring because you can speak simply to people in a way that they can understand what is occurring and that the way out is through cleaning up our own lives and spreading the new clean, healthy Earth via our daily actions and lives. We get to choose which world timeline we live in and infuse with our high heart. Love to all our relations.

    1. Post

      Aloha Lisa :))

      Thank you for commenting and expressing your feelings and thoughts.
      I hope more people in the EA forum and the public will start sharing more inspiring vids and leaving comments that can help us all grow … so we can in true purpose share more.

      :)) Dr. Robert

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