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People Have Already Started!

People Have Already Started!

What Is Terrain Modification?

Thousands of people have benefited from the amazing effects of terrain modification, which is the underlying principle of all the techniques taught here, at Earther Academy. The question is... are you ready for the challenge?

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Learn to Live a Healthier and more Naturalistic Lifestyle


We’ve structured our video courses in such a way that topics & ideas are grouped into logical sections of terrain modification.

Topics are covered in-depth and often overlap with other ideas in other videos, in order to connect the dots.

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Purchase the products that will help you effectively terrain modify your life, using our water distillers, saunas, vitamats, yoga swings, and more.

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Learn what others are doing and share your experiences, knowledge, and wisdom you’ve gained from the skills you’ve learned here.

Why make the same mistakes when you can learn from others?

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