MaryLynne Hallot


Recently I read an article published on Jul 31, 2015 08:00 am | Michael Greger M.D. It was called: “How Doctors Responded to Being Named a Leading Killer”. It is very rare you get someone who is a medical MD who will stand up for the people and have their best benefits in his heart. This site Earther Academy’ of Dr Cassar’s is a treasure trove of genius, simple, easy to use remedies. When those who have set themselves up as healing practitioners and who have instead acted as the opposite and failed to heal and when the tide is not in favour of healing, and when a a few start to stand up and practice their own brand of special genius, like Dr Cassar, we meet people of courage, of light and true medical practitioners. Know the geniuses in your midst. Protect them support them and nurture and appreciate their gifts. Others who also hold the true light of the healers are: and Dr. Mona Liza Schultz amongst others. Dr Cassar and the rest which are too many to mention are the prophets amongst us regarding healing.