Hello- I'm so excited to have the chance to tell other people about how I feel about Dr. Cassar~~~ Well, I have been studying for about 5+ years on different healing modalities such as raw food, FIS, energy, cellular development, etc. (I could go on with a list of 20/30 different areas of my study). I found your website about a year ago, and as I watched more of the videos you posted, I began seeing the areas that you are different in. For example, You speak from your heart, there is a 0 B.S. factor coming out of your eyes. If you say it, you believe it. You state what you say and include the "why", which is important to me because I question most things. It provides help to research things on my own, and for the average person. Your topics are wonderfully edgy. You discuss all encompassing fields of health and topics. By that; I mean, color vibration, elixirs, parasites, the "Big Brother" type government, gardening, supplementation, to Just showing us "you" on an average day. I love the talks that lead you into a self reflective mode, where you start discussing inner thoughts and growth. Oh.... I also loved the video on how to use the you tube to make your own videos too. I always wondered how to do it.~ I like the Earther Academy's unity of like minded people. I'm fairly new to that site, and so far, have been interested in the posted topics. Earth Shift product are amazing too ! I just received my very first shipment. I have a great assortment of products, about a dozen, so I have a wide spread opinion that they are ALL wonderful- nail polish to coconut oil. Looking forward to incense on the next order : ) Even hotter cayenne powder would be fine with me : ) So, I hope you just keep doing what your doing. Hopefully I'll be able to visit too, if so, I'll look forward to learning even more new things!