Daniel Spayne


I love Earther Academy because it is a wealth of useful information for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. This information is extremely detailed, well researched and carefully put together. I generally am not left wanting in terms of unanswered questions based on the materials I have used. The website is well set out and includes a wealth of information which will keep you going for some time! I have been undertaking the protocols of Terrain Modification, Fasting and Skin Cleansing for around six months now and the results have been incredible. I have done 3 distilled water fasts, one 21 day liquid only TM regime and cleaned my skin with the solution and lay in the sun at least 20 times. I have lost a lot of my toxicity (i.e. fat and parasite puss etc), my energy levels are sky high, my perception has increased and I generally feel much better. I now try and incorporate these principles into my daily life so that they aren't the exception but start to form around a new normal. This doesn't mean that I TM the entire time but rather use the things I've learned to adapt my diet, exercise and meditiation routine to the way that best fits with my life as each day comes and what I need to be doing that day. I accept that I can't be doing TM all the time and travel or that it will always fit my schedule. However, I do enough of it and have adapted my diet sufficiently such that I am still improving and feeling more well each day. To me this is what's great about this, you can use the essence of the teachings and come as close to them as possible each day. I'm also encouraged to see new stores and restaurants opening up all over the world that build on a vegan diet and healthy eating. Thank you Earther Academy and Dr Cassar for helping me on my journey of knowing myself better and building a better me from the cellular level up and then integrating that into a way that I can live, learn and love! I LOVE YOU! 🙂