Kendra Bordelon


Honestly, enough can not be SAID about how different it feels to live a life in freedom! Terrain Modification is a Supernova of Revolutionary Protocols That Will change your life! (If you follow them correctly). I Am So grateful to have stumbled across one of Dr.Cassars YouTube Videos in my Intentions for discovering how to heal myself from heavy metal poisoning, medical drug residue, emotional trauma and a collection of other less-than desirable symptoms along with horrible digestion, anxiety, severe panic attacks, itching skin, massive unexplained weight loss and just basic concentration.I listened to what Cassar was explaining and I couldn't stop learning, I WANTED TO KNOW MORE because the changes I felt were incredible! And I am already a Vegan, Extremely health conscious and Raw! But times are changing and I think the most important thing for me was realizing to let go of your EGO and Listen!Minerals, Enzymes, Nutrients, Water, Rest, Meditation, Oxygen, Nature are just some of the things that are important to me. THIS Knowledge has Enlighted my Life. Thank you Dr.Cassar and The Earther Academy!If you want to Prepare for a year, Plant food. If you want to Prepare for a Decade, Plant Trees! If you want to Prepare For Eternity, Educate People. - ChineseYou don't know what you have, Until you've lost it, like wise if you do the same thing you've always done, you will get the same thing you've always gotten.You've Got To Help Someone!I Love You,Thank-YouKishahlom