My Favorite Time Of The Evening

My Favorite Time Of The Evening

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I wanted to show you my most favorite time of the evening; which is feeding, loving, nurturing and taking care of all of the animals on the farm. They give me such a feeling of tranquility and happy feelings. I laugh so much when I am visiting them all, and talk to them like they are my children.

On the farm in Hawaii, we have a variety of the “Creators” creatures such as chickens, ducks, cattle, large 300 lb African Sulcata Turtles, 3 Macaws, a herd of Sheep, Goats and two 300lb Russian Boars not counting the hundreds of birds, and gecko lizards.

Watch the video “Creating A Bird Seed Garden” to see how I am feeding some of the wild birds around the house.

All of the animals we have on the farm are really an integral part of the “Earther Academy Sanctuary” family of loving creatures I learn so much from. Feeding them, cleaning up after them, watching them, spending playtime and learning from them gives so much joy and happiness, but the best part of the experience is the love I give to them, and the love they give back to me.

All of the animals have really learned to love me. New animals always take time to make a trusting relationship, as any partnership grows or degrades by the amount of love or hate I put into it.

Russian Boar Hanging With Macaws
Russian Boar Hanging With Macaws

The animals know me as the daddy who brings them food, water, treats and massages, or rubs them from head to toe. They really like to have our hands touch them and adore them.

When I call, or go see the animals, they are always open hearted and waiting to see me, and they get in line for me to give them any form of nurturing love πŸ™‚

I talk to them like they are children, with a higher loving tone in my voice instead of a lower aggressive based tone, similar to how a mother would talk to her baby child.

In time, love wins them over and they all become my best buddies and friends.

I can’t wait to see them, and they can’t wait to see me. This is a loving and non-parasitic relationship.

They have learned my voice and I have special words, whistles and phrases I use to get them to know me better, and then having them respond and talk back to me is such a blessing to commune with the animals in a telepathic and energetic way.

Goat from the Earther Academy Farm
Goat from the Earther Academy Farm

Study The Miracle Of Life In Real Time

When you start to look into the mystery of all life; having an animal friend is one of the best ways to see the miracle in real time, in the natural world.

Over the years I have had the chance to see the biological miracles in the creators’ creatures, each one having their own personalities and showing some form of love, respect and trust to me over time, that is unconditional and true.

If you really want to see the miracle in all life, it’s a great idea to take care of some of the life all around us, if we choose to interact with it.

If you don’t have the space to have animals, you may want to get an aquarium to see the water world in action. I used to have several salt and freshwater aquariums to see the miracle in the water world, or what I call the 2nd dimension of space and time for over 40 years.

  • Robert Cassar Feeding Cows and Goats
  • Robert Cassar Feeding his Sheep
  • Sheep Grassing on the Earther Academy Farm
  • The Three Marauders - The Three ducks

The Northridge Earthquake broke all of my aquariums when I was living in California, and that ended my aquarium days.

I found out that even fish do have their own personality and hierarchies. To learn and study the various consciousness of many creatures, can be easily seen when you take care of them, commune with them and watch them.

There is a feeling of absolute grounding, calmness and tranquility when I integrate myself caring and nurturing with even the chickens or the ducks. The animals have so much to teach us. They don’t worry about death, yesterday or tomorrow, the taxes or rent that is due, bickering over money or believing in religion or politics.

Once you study the animal world vs the human world; you find out the animals are insanely happy and all they need to be happy is food, water, shelter and love. Humans are so complex that most people have lost their way from the natural world we all used to be in just 100 years ago, to the mind being consumed by the law of man’s city vs the law of the God’s jungle.

I like to rescue animals that are orphans or unwanted babies, so I can share my love and care for them. In a very short period of time all they can do is love me back πŸ™‚

The animals are so innocent since they don’t watch TV or listen to the manipulated news.

What Are Humans And Animals In Captivity Searching For?

Robert Cassar With His Macaw "Hodie"
Robert Cassar With His Macaw “Hodie”

Most humans and animals will be quite happy in captivity if they have clean water and food, non-restrictive shelters and have a pleasant non-violent, safe and loving experience.

For over 40 years I have been traveling around the world exploring the various cultures and races. What I found out is quite simple but profound; the happiest cultures and people were people that were living in, and with, nature. The most unhappy people I saw were people living in the artificial cities in all of the wireless tech, completely away from nature.

The human species can be seen as a higher developed animal that wants, and requires, the exact needs as the lower developed creatures.

Again, the people and cultures that were the happiest were those that lived in the country taking care of animals, and living on farms in undeveloped countries.

Studying many of the metropolitan city people; they seemed they were missing the connection and energy of nature. Lacking the connection with nature personally gives me a feeling of void, emptiness vs the profound joy, tranquility and grounding effects nature always gives to me.

When we are living in a tightly woven society with millions of people, we start to lose our connection with the Earth and most all of the creatures that make the earth real. What would it be like without any animals, birds, fish, mammals, amphibians etc.? A very lonely place for sure.

So, give this concept a try to nourish, love, take care of and study the natural world that is an unknowable miracle, even if you were caring for, and studying, a pair of goldfish or a mating pair of mice or rats to see all of the incredible stages of God’s or the “Creator’s” miracle of life.

We all live in a magical realm along with our nature friends, and all of her creatures help reconnect us back to the miracle that most of us have forgotten, or do not have the connection with any longer, living in the city.

Robert Cassar Feeding his Cows
Robert Cassar Feeding his Cows

If you are feeling like you need some more purpose or gratitude without attitude, you may want to try this simple love nourishing experiment and feel the power, tranquility, joy, bliss and happiness of nature worlds.

At some point in our lives, some of us will be searching for that special animal to really love and care for, other than a human.

The common theme is: “The amount of love you give away is multiplied when you receive the love back” πŸ™‚

When we love and care for another creature, and that creature loves you back; this may be one of the best ways to support, or stop, many types of deep depression or feeling of void. All you had to do is to love and nurture something, then let that something love you back unconditionally.

Hope you enjoy this “My Favorite Time Of The Evening” Video πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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