Hike in Your Socks for Health and Healing

Hike In Your Socks For Health And Healing

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Hike in Your Socks for Health and Healing – Have you gone on a “Nature Hike” in your Socks or Barefoot lately?

Are you depressed? Feeling very sedated? Are you always around EMF’s, WI-FI, RF frequencies or just “UN-Natural” energies made by all electric motors and fuel powered machines, cell phones, computers and radio waves?

This video is about “Hiking in Your Socks” for Health and Healing, and a Mini Lecture as well: “Connecting More of The Dots” of Health and Wellness.

If you are brain or emotionally depressed and / or just feel empty inside, you may be suffering from a constant assault of UN-Natural energies all the time, and you need to get back to the source of all natural energies to RE-Ground yourself and get a biological super battery charge from the Earth and Sky.

All I can say is this is one the best and cheapest ways for us to get back to our more biological, energetic and harmonious selves that feel happy and energetic.

Some call this therapy grounding I call it re-connecting with natural “Prana Energy”.

Following the diaphragmatic “Chi Breathing” techniques will activate your internal producing brain chemicals all day to feel great and very happy.

This simple but very effective therapy when used correctly effectively balances the two hemispheres of the brain, and activates many of the good feeling brain chemicals /reactions that make us happy or sad.

We have done many videos on Chi Excercise and Barefoot Hiking to ground yourself back to the Earth and Nature.

One of the main reasons we are using our socks ( instead of just going barefoot like I used to do ) is that most people cannot handle aggressiveness of the barefoot hiking.

There are many reasons why people do not venture into barefoot hiking.

Here are a few of the excuses that are very true infarct: sharp rocks and sticks, sand, abrasive materials, feces from dogs and animals of all kinds including horses and cattle, thorns, stickers, chemtrails, a variety of parasites, urination from hikers, pesticides on a park lawn etc.

Once you cut your foot or are on abrasive rocks for a while your feet, after miles of walking, are open to infection and parasites, so I do not go barefoot to often anymore.

Weather you are barefoot or using the socks in the mountains, it is advised to soak your feet when you finish with your hike with the Mineralized Vodka Foot Soak after you come back for at least 30 minutes.

I use thick cotton socks I bought form Costco, and this enables me to get the same health and pumping effect to my Lymph System by walking more natural with my toes and feet – we will go over this in the video as well.

Since I do not live in California any longer, when I come to visit for a few weeks I am so open to feel a lot of the constant assaults most people cannot feel, see, hear or touch.

Living in Hawaii the land and air where we live is so pristine, and the programs of people are not as strong / socially engineered. The amount of people on the freeway here is staggering and you wonder where everyone is going all of the time.

Hope you enjoy this Hike in Your Socks for Health and Healing Video and enjoy Hiking in your Socks in Nature :))

Dr. Robert

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