Parasite Detox Drinks and Papaya Fermented Live Probiotic Recipe

Parasite Detox Drinks and Papaya Fermented Live Probiotic Recipe

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The intestines are very important to take care of. So, in this “Parasite Detox Drinks and Papaya Fermented Live Probiotic Recipe” Video are a few recipes that I use.

We are going to show you 2 recipes that are really powerful in their own ways.

Parasite Detox Drink Recipe is for supporting detoxification.

I always drink this recipe on an empty stomach of at least 12 hours from my last meal. I usually do this protocol everyday for a few weeks in the morning upon waking.

Live Papaya Fermented Cheese Medicine Recipe is to support rebuilding the essential gut wall flora to be introduced back into the small intestines.

This is where our 85% of our immune systems live and thrive.

Add 1 cup of distilled water and blend all together in Vita Mix.

Then put in a large glass and in 1 – 2 days you will have Fermented Medicinal Cheese.

Eat 1 – 2 spoons ever few hours throughout the day to help rebuild the Gut Wall Flora.

I usually add Organic Liquid Stevia on top with 1 – 2 tbsp of Nutritional Yeast or any other hot sauces you may want to add to the flavor that you like.

The first recipe is to support removing some of the toxicity we all have in our intestines we accumulated from Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Parasites, Plastic, Intestinal Plaque and Old Toxic Food etc.

The second recipe is  for naturally rebuilding the Intestinal Flora.

We have many “Liquids of Vitality” videos to learn and practice.

Always ask your doctor if you can drink any of the liquids of vitality.

Hope you enjoy this Parasite Detox Drinks and Papaya Fermented Live Probiotic Recipe Video :))

Dr. Robert

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