Rick Urabe


Dr. Cassar introduced me to making Kombucha tea, vegetable fermentation, and the Liquids of Vitality by way of his YouTube videos! This information was extremely valuable for my health and vitality! I'm extremely thankful for the videos! I've been in 3 rotations in the medical field (RN program 2 times and Radiologic Technology), and was accepted to UC Merced by the biological science department. I wanted to major in Human Molecular Biology, but received a DUI, and didn't want to drive back and forth without a license. So, because I used to own a health food store from 1998-2002, this is the type of stuff that I really get into, and wish I knew about back then. In my organic chemistry classes I extracted caffeine from tea leaves, made a sulfa drug, and I hope to distill some oil of oregano from the organic oregano I just started growing! Again, thank you Dr. Cassar! It is very much appreciated!