Fasting Is The Best Therapy You Can Do

Fasting Is The Best Therapy You Can Do

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Fasting Is The Best Therapy You Can Do – In my 40 years of research, experimentation and clinical practice I have found a few secrets for most people to rid themselves of millions of toxins we have all stored within us. Liquid Fasting is one of the best ways you can upgrade, enhance and optimize yourself.

The suppressed magic of liquid fasting has been known for 1000’s of years. The best way I have found to really get back your health, is to have your body reverse the feeding process for it’s food.

When we stop eating glucose and other forms of energy, our bodies go through a metamorphosis called “Ketosis”.

Wikipedia short definition of Ketosis:

“Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood. Ketosis is a result of metabolizing fat to provide energy.”

Liquid Fasting can be accomplished and done with a variety of themes.

You can actually just fast from meat, flesh, GMOS’s, tap water, drugs, sugar, pornographic etc, but we are talking about fasting with liquids to reduce swelling and give the body a rest of processing huge amounts of foods all the time.

Beginners can start with “Liquid Fasting” once a week, working up to several days a week in a row. Sort of like going to the internal church/body to clean up the congregation of pathogenic creatures and accumulated toxins in a variety of forms.

I fast everyday with a variety of liquids for 24 hours, then I have my one meal a day with very low sugar and a variety of good fats 65-70%. 15% protein from vegetarian sources including fertile eggs with a maximum of about 5% daily carbs or sugar.

I have “ZERO” blood or any suffering products from any animal. This is a great fast to wean yourself away from all flesh if you can for 180 days. If you want to then go back to eating flesh that is not contaminated by the commercial feed lots.

I always keep all my sugar down to a minimum consumption. Once you are healthier you will find out that sugar is not as pleasing as it was before the fast.

Since I was severely toxic when I started my journey, it took me a great while trying many diets and other protocols to relieve my dysfunctions, such as constant severe intestinal irritation and inflammation.

I have found that the Ketogenic Non-Flesh Diet is the King of diets, and adding the over 50 departments of terrain modification protocols, practices and principles was the key to curing myself from many different dysfunctions physically, mentally and emotionally.

Try a raw smoothie fast for 21 days straight, or try to cut out dead carcass flesh for 21 days. These are two common fasts that you can do as a beginner. If you are more advanced then you would want to really learn the Liquids of Vitality. Fasting with liquids is the elite of fasting regimes.

We only use pure Steam Distilled Water for fasting that anyone can make them selves (Recommended Water Distillers). Try a simple distilled H20 fast for a period of 24 hours. This will help break the spell of the diet you have had for many years.

Parasites live in the body, and live off of the food and liquids we feed them.

Most of the discomfort you may feel are the parasites in your body complaining for not getting fed their normal meals and time schedules.

So, learning the 100’s of variable protocols, practices and principles of “Terrain Modification” is a must to jump ahead of the learning curve of understanding new concepts and disciplines. Learn to Become Your Own Teacher and Doctor – a lost art of today.

Please become aware of contaminates in your household which are literally everywhere. The key is to take baby steps at a time to upgrade, enhance and optimize the many areas of your life. Learning to detoxify and reduce the accumulating poisons, parasites, chemicals is a must to learn in this day and age.

I have found it is much better to “Terrain Modify” parasites out of us, than to try and kill them.

A variety of liquids daily (up to 1/12 gallons a day) is the key to starting this process of elimination, to reset, renew and rebuild yourself.

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Hope you enjoy this “Fasting Is The Best Therapy You Can Do” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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  1. Dr Cassar, I’m presently on day 5 of my water fast, and looking to go 7 to 10 days, but I’d also like to optimize the effects of the fast if I can. I’ve already bought several of the essentials from your store, so is there anything you would recommend I take in addition to just water during this fast?

    1. Aloha Carol!
      I hope your fast was a success! Sorry for this late response, we get so many questions asked, it’s often easy to overlook something like this. For your future enhancing, optimizing and regenerating you could always add different herbal teas to your fast that won’t through the whole thing off. Typically I’ve had patients at our retreats use different liver stimulating and bile stimulating teas which help facilitate removal of toxicity when used with different oral elixirs and toxicity binding drinks like psyllium powder for example. On our Courses page, there are different elixir and drink recipes that show you these protocols to enhance your fast.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

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