Bart Kay Interview

Bart Kay Interview

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In today’s Earther Academy Video Interview we have Bart Kay the “Nutrition Science WatchDog” in the house. He is a former senior lecturer in clinical physiology, exercise physiology and nutrition.

We are going to talk about our current and past diets, and some of the follies we had on the 97-100% plant based type lifestyles. Bart and I will also discuss some of the benefits and myths of a carnivore, or animal based diet, for healing the malnourished body.

I guarantee you will pick up a few tips in the 120 minute discussion πŸ™‚

Bart has an informative Youtube channel “Bart Kay – Nutrition Science Watchdog” talking about various health related topics, mainly about the carnivore diet and also points out a lot of disinformation we hear sometimes from YouTubers, researchers, doctors, reviewing clinical studies, medical misinformation and interpretation.

If you have an interesting topic and want to be on our Earther Academy Podcast, or if you would like to interview me on your channel – send us your ideas and info on our Contact Us page.

Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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