The Big Sickness Question

The Big Sickness Question

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The Big Sickness Question – What are you going to do when you get SICK? Or, maybe you are already sick or don’t even know you are sick?

One of these days you / we are all going to have to ask ourselves these profound and scary questions and figure it out.

Again the Big Sickness Question is: What are you going to do when you get Sick?

As a Doctor / Teacher for over 30 years, I am always curious about “Health Care versus Sick Care”.

Are you practicing Health Care or Sick Care in your family?

For over 10 years I have been asking people this dumbfounded question.

One more time: What are you going to do when you get Sick?

First of all, there are many types of sickness and we are all sick to some degree or another.

Toxicity, Stress, the Food and Water we ingest and Parasites play a huge role in the world of getting sick and tired.

These are all various types and levels of sickness:

  • 15 pounds or more of extra Body Fat
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Anorexia
  • Constipation
  • Non Digestion of Foods
  • Taking any Synthetic Pharmaceuticals
  • Insomnia
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Body Aches
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Loss of Mobility
  • Mental Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Not having correct Bowel Movements 2-3 times a day

These symptoms are part of the sickness that escalates in time to other more debilitating sickness’s we call the so called incurable’s like any Cancer’s, Tumor Growth, Immune Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Parasitic Creatures, Lyme Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, STD’s and 100’s of other named and unnamed sickness labels.

I have asked 100’s of people / patients this exact question just to see what they are going to say or do.

Almost all of them say I have not thought about it at all. Most say that they will have to go to the doctor or a health specialist to get some advice or help.

We have to really search deep for this question to be answered correctly, reasonably and logically.

No one is going to help you with your health but yourself.

We usually first start searching for a quick fix when we are sick and tired. Sickness is a slow kill or “Silent Assimilation” of many assaults, all adding up to a break down in the biological systems.

The “Antidote” to many sicknesses are the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles.

It’s always better to learn when you are feeling better than when you are not.

Your friendly neighborhood doctor / hospital could either be your “Ultimate Savior” or your “Ultimate Demise”. So, learn to be a little fearful of the medical systems.

USA doctor related deaths statistics are very staggering on how many people every year are killed by the medical systems.

Read this article by Dr. Mercola: Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

So, it’s time to upgrade, enhance and optimize your lifestyle now instead of back peddling when you are sick and not feeling well enough.

Personally, I would learn and practice being my own “Doctor” and being a critical thinker ( which means teacher / sensei ) of yourself.

We all need to learn from each other. You can learn a lot from others but not all information is correct for sure.

When it comes to health and wellness discretion is the key.

Learning and practicing the over 50 departments of the “Terrain Modification” Protocols, practices and Principles will help you cure many of the dysfunctions / sicknesses, and help you with your next level of “Evolution”.

Watch Becoming Your Own Doctor Video

Hope you enojy this The Big Sickness Question Video :))

Learn and practice well.

Dr. Robert

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