Natural Exercise Boosting Parables

Natural Exercise Boosting Parables

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Aloha all – This is a good vid to listen too because many of us don’t really like to workout or stretch ourselves so lets talk about it.

This is an essential part of rebuilding your nervous system and re-modulating your internal/external self. The only way our nervous system grows more complete or to regenerate nervous system is to stimulate it consistently and daily.

This bio-electrical/chemical highway that runs all of our senses and full bio-logic-al faculties in-front and behind the journey from the beginning of life till death of the physical body.
This is the like the electrical wiring in your house that is necessary to transfer power or current around the house in a usable voltage and transfer.

As the saying goes ”USE IT OR LOOSE IT!” and that goes for the nervous system too. The nervous system is the power of the architectural blue print of your self. As we become de-mineralized, toxic, old age, liquid dehydrated, non exercise, accidents, environmental heavy metals such as mercury and many others etc the nervous system starts to shrink and die.

So even if you don’t feel like stretching/exercising/reading/learning/practicing going to bed early and waking up early with the rise and fall of the Sun do it anyways for 180 days and see what happens to you.

At night we secrete melatonin when the sun goes down so you can get ready for rest and sleep. Try to get in tune with nature and get plenty of rest. Once the sun rises in the morning the pineal gland starts to signal for brain chemicals of serotonin and many others to wake up and start the day with enthusiasm and vigor. This is normal brain functioning and in synchronization with the earth, sun and the cosmos. Be like the rest of the animals and other species that are tied to the sun and earth cycles of natural rhythm. This helps tremendously with rejuvenation.

You will see after you finished with your exercise or what ever you are doing for evolution of the physical you will notice how good you feel in the brain chemical area. The body may be tired but the brain chemicals and nervous system have been stimulated and this is such a good natural high or good feeling. I really get creative after I work out and really push myself to grow. after a month or so you will see that you will feel great but for the first moth you may not be singing the blues of joy. I promise in a short while once you have terrain modified the nervous system you will really feel upgraded in many ways other than the physical.

And the real reason is … You just did get ”upgraded” by the constant daily or twice daily exercise for the past month.

Dr. Robert

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