Don't Give Up Hope - You Will Make The Journey

Don’t Give Up Hope – You Will Make The Journey

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Aloha all, Saturday Morning Inspiration & Enthusiasm.

Ask yourself the question’s???

  • Do you have the ”Courage” to not eat or dink blood or flesh for 180 days and see what happens to you ??
  • Do we really need to kill another sentient 5 sense life form to stay alive or thrive
  • Are we intelligent enough to upgrade our not intellect but our intelligence
  • Are you questioning yourself if you are doing the right thing? Are you going through a ”parasitic turbulence” because of your new fuel supply

We all need to be nudged in the right direction sometimes because we feel that maybe the current path we are on is not the right one or possibly it is the right path but you are coming up with much ”parasitic turbulence” in the metamorphosis of your new self.

Part of our ”Sojourn” is to become Healthy, Wealthy (abundant energy in many forms) Happy and Wise. All of the knowledge that you wish to obtain is available for all of us if we wish to see, feel hear and touch a new paradigm.

When we remove in our bodies and minds many of the poisons like heavy metals, plastics, chemicals, vaccines, GMO’s etc we start to have a new life from the sick and tired feelings most of all complain about. In the USA there a 100 million Diabetics and another 100 million Obese people. All I can say what ever we are all doing or being told to do is incorrect for sure.

I can tell you this from direct experience ”Terrain Modification” protocols and principles that are logical and reasonable to your mind and body right now should be the areas that you want to start first.

No matter what be-lie-fs that we all have in Religion, Economics, the money system, politics, government, water and food supply,slavery system, taxes, war, conspiracies, etc going through the transformation means as a collective we will have to raise up to a level of morality and justice for all to share the resources and information that is here and now for us to learn how to live vital without killing ourselves and other sentient lifeforms in the process.

Do you have true purpose yet? Do you feel your purpose is where it should be? Once the body and mind have been on a flesh or blood free diet for 180 days magical changes will come to your awareness and the connection to all living things will become more apparent for sure.

Dr. Robert Cassar

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