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    Quite Amazing things will start happening, your perception, spiritual awareness, intuition, vision and vibrational may completely change,
    As a lot of the gunk and Debris in your energy field, physical body, mind/mental awareness are cleansed and renewed by the warm white healing light of the Star which sustains our Planet.

    Unconditional love and light.

    Suspended in the undeniable bright and shining essence that it is,
    reflecting the entire universe in a glowing mass of fire.

    I Realized that:
    Everything that you are experiencing could be a reflection of your relationship with yourself, your perception, BELEIFS, thoughts and expectations could rapidly be creating your life, manifesting your individual reality though your mind’s connection with the Universal Mind. Who could be assisting you in co-creation/projecting of your ideas into outward /physical form.

    Therefore we are all connected, and have one Ultimate Universal Mind. Awareness. Love. light whatever you choose to imagine it as.
    We are here, having this experience.
    Who knows. Could be different reasons.
    But at the bottom and top of it all, would you deny that the most important universal desire is to
    Love and Be Loved Unconditionally?
    In all sense and honesty of what that means
    and looks like to each of us.

    We are all different.

    Not better.

    Equal Energy, made of the same particles and molecules
    appearing in different and unique variations, innovations and creativity.

    We are one.

    And For Absolute sureness
    Don’t even know who, what or how we are.
    Whatever we are.

    Do we know that we are?
    I’m still meditating this… What do you think.

    All I know for sure is that I Am.

    And I guess that is enough, for Me, For Now.

    I Am all there is, Love is All there is. Now is all there is, God or Divine Universal Mind is all there is.

    And so it is…

    We Are One.

    With the Sun! 🌞❤️🙏🏽🌈⚛👁✨
    (The eye in the sky, reflecting the true you, Your spirit.)

    This is just my idea, perception.
    There’s infinite possibilities.
    Find what works with you.
    Think what works with you.
    Do what works with you.

    With love always,