Terrain Modification Retreat

Professionally Supervised Therapeutic Mineralized Liquid Fasting Retreats in Paradise
Lifestyle Enhancement Education Offered by Dr. Mari, Naturopathic Doctor and detox specialist and Daniel Lewis, Rejuvenation Engineer and Dr. Robert Cassar.

We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude for the many guests we have been able to serve over the course of the past month. We are also thankful for this most amazing healing and wellness center retreat that has been created and offered by Dr. Robert Cassar. The property has beautiful ocean views and has many large Amethyst and Quart crystals in each of the rooms.

Accommodations and Services Provided:

Left Photo: Upstairs Master Suite – Rates are available by request .
Right Photo: Downstairs Bedrooms –
Please note these discounted rates will not last long.
*Based upon availability.

Please contact us to find out how you can schedule your stay at the only destination on the planet where you can achieve the ultimate rest and true natural healing your body needs in paradise under direct professional supervision, AND as an added bonus the training and education you need to enhance your lifestyle for a healthy longevity for the rest of your life.

Description of the property and lodging.

Welcome to the Hawaiian Organic Farms LLC and Wellness Center which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii along the breathtaking Hamakua coast in Hakalau, only 14 miles north of Hilo.

Enjoy sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and spectacular sunrises keeping an eye open for passing humpback whales. Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain when measured from its oceanic base is the perfect backdrop. Catch an incredible moonrise out on the lanai and soak in the night sky with the Milky Way so clear you could almost touch the stars. We also have a spring fed river with waterfalls that flows through the property all year long.

Our evolving health and wellness program currently provides private liquid diet training, yoga instruction and massage therapy upon request. Programs can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Please mention your interest when booking. Some of our wellness programs will include terrain modification, detoxification and integrated lifestyle training.

Our Farm is the perfect starting point for all of your Big Island adventures, including Volcanoes National Park, Parker Ranch, botanical gardens, zip line tours, lava boat tours, whale watching, scuba and snorkeling, horseback riding in Kohala or Waipio Valley, or a visit to the summit of Mauna Kea and the array of international telescopes.

Accommodations consist of two unique dwellings

The Crystal Suite which is on the upper floor and is the largest dwelling with over 2500 square feet of living space, soaring vaulted ceilings and Bali style furnishings and massive crystal geodes on display. There is a fully appointed gourmet kitchen, dining room and extra large living space that includes hand carved day beds for extra guests, a grand piano, and a 60” flat screen television. The bedroom sleeps 2 on a king size carved teak bed with hypoallergenic linens and includes a carved teak writing desk tucked into a large window wrapped bay, a 40” flat screen television, and radiant infrared fireplace. There are unobstructed ocean views from every room in the suite. There is also a large private lanai with day bed for lounging and enjoying the views and trade winds.

Additional amenities include all new construction, expansive park like setting with well manicured lawns and pergolas for enjoying the vistas, a custom steam room which is available to all guests, vita-mix, juicer and dehydrators to support liquid diets, DVD player and basic cable on all televisions, high speed internet (and WiFi), and private in-room safes for storing your valuables. Our theme is Health, Wealth and Happiness.We have tailored the suites to be more in line with a multi layered health center. We have a long list of healthful amenities including Vita mixers, juicers, detox steam room, special non toxic cookware, specialized electrolysis machines for high pH water, 6 stage water filtration and re-mineralization system on the whole house, orthopedic new pillow top beds, non toxic cleaners, non VOC paints on the interior of the house, Omni Yoga Anti-Gravity Swings, a walking/riding track that runs the entire perimeter of the property, and a year round stream with waterfalls.Its very hard to find facilities anywhere that have upgraded from old and toxic materials to new and green with the healthy traveler in mind.

Interviews from People at the Liquidarian Retreats

In these videos, Dr. Robert Cassar interviews different people who have come to the Earther Retreat center and discuss their experiences with terrain modification.

Dr. Robert Cassar Profile

Dr. Robert Cassar is a retired competitive body builder and former owner of the American Chiropractic Medical Group. Currently he is a researcher and practitioner of parasitology, toxicology, and naturalistic living. He is the founder of the innovative Earth Shift Project, an online “Research & Lifestyle Management Community / Network” and Earth Shift Products “wholesale club.”

In Dr. Cassar’s lectures and workshops, he reveals how everything in existence vibrates at various frequencies and how transforming the body (through terrain modification) by eating and drinking live, high vibration, non corrupted, and mineral dense foods, we can
change our energy and vibratory levels, thus elevating our health and consciousness. He also explains that the higher the vibrational output of the body and mind, the higher we ascend as beings and advance in our evolution.

Dr. Cassar discusses how, over time through toxic accumulations, both physiologically and psychologically, we age and ultimately die of sickness or some form of incurable disease.

He also explains how the science of “terrain modification” will transform our body vessels from acid-to-alkaline, carbon-to-crystalline, and from disease-to-ease. Health, Wealth, and Happiness is the name of the new game.

To inquire about speaking engagements and guest appearances please Contact Us or go to hawaiimedicalfasting.com