What To Eat And Drink After A Water Fast with Dr. Robert Cassar

What To Eat And Drink After A Water Fast

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What To Eat and Drink After a Water Fast and How To Refuel Yourself.

What do you eat and drink to re-fuel or re-feed your self from a Dry Water Fast?

We are going to get into some more very sensitive information that is usually too sensitive for YouTube and other public systems.

This information are not to treat any dis-eases but to “Terrain Modify” the body and mind to self organize to a more optimal level.

Dry water fasting is one of the essential simple ways to reset the body and mind from parasites and other addictions.

Never re-feed the body after a fast with sugar and bad food again. Microbes need to be rebuilt and re-flourished.

There are many layers of truth, lies, secrets and deceptions that is for sure.

These are my Truths and Opinions:

Have you ever “Dry Water Fasted” before?

This is a fast with steam distilled water ( which is a dry water ), that is pure water without any minerals or anything but pure H20 – That’s it  :))

We make the special super dry water here at the retreat, and I would recommend that you get a good Steam Distiller. You to have real pure water that you make it yourself.

Be careful which one that you purchase. Most of them are cheaply made and bad materials and will not last.

The units I use, and have used them consistently for many years, are available in the Earther Academy Store.

Best deal on the internet for sure. Free shipping in the 48 states and you get 2 large 1 gallon glass jars / lids and 4 carbon filters too.

When you really learn how to “eat right” and use liquids to clean, detoxify and re-nutrify, you will regain your mind and body sanity – wouldn’t that be nice.

It takes a while to “toxify” the body and it takes a while to “detoxify” too.

Are You / We ready to clean up Your / Our Act?

That means you are going to, or can, make a verbal contract with your body to honor it and take care of it, like it was a “fixer upper” body, car, garden or home.

Rebuilding the body and mind is one of the worthiest virtues anyone could have.

There are so many chemicals and poisons in our world, so it is time to learn where these hidden toxicities are in our households, foods, drinks and environment.

Clarity comes to a clean body and mind.

Take the leap of faith that living a non toxic or less toxic and smarter life will aid you in many ways more than you could imagine.

Recommended products:

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do”, so be very conscious of that.

Hope you En-joy this “What To Eat and Drink After a Water Fast” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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  1. Love your program! I’ve done water fasts in the past, 14 day. The urge to eat was SO overwhelming post fast, refeeding was difficult. Was told this was due to low nutrient storage in tissues before beginning the water fast.

    How to refeed more safely post this fast and avoid an unhealthy, ravenous refeeding which defeats the purpose of doing the fast?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hey Stephanie! Glad you’re getting some good use out of the program and information. The re-feeding hunger monster is something everyone needs to be aware of and is part of the inherent base desires of the body. When I fasted, the re-feeding process became the biggest challenge and where a lot of the good work happens since it’s about resetting the lifestyle/ health-style. Chewing thoroughly, and smaller meals is typically how to start. Depending on the habits prior to the fast, food can be steamed or boiled, never leaving out fresh greens and some fruit here and there will help as well. Within a week into re-feeding we typically introduce small amounts of fermented veggies which will help seed the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

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