What Do We Really Want In Life?

What Do We Really Want in Life?

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What Do We Really Want in Life? This phrase has been coined for centuries but for some reason we just cant find the ANSWER or ANSWERS…

Externally speaking we find out that “Joy, Bliss and Happiness” or “Health, Wealth and Happiness” are the three sacred and magical words that all living, breathing sentient beings wish to obtain.

We all want “Internal Peace” within ourselves. “Inner and Outer Peace” is the Sacred Space we are all wanting to be and become.

Doing the “Great Work of Evolution”, internally and externally, is one of the primary “Antidotes” of the many of the sicknesses and dysfunctions that we all have.

Are you Ready to start the “Great Work of Evolution?”

Learn and practice the 50 departments of “Terrain Modification” that we share and teach at EartherAcademy.com.

I would also personally recommend to step up your game by getting an Earther Kitchen and Household.

We have a variety of Organic Superfoods, Essential Ionic Minerals, many Health and Wellness Tools wholesale direct at earthshiftproducts.com

Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize is our motto :))

“Critical Thinking” is one of the virtues we all must have to attain Health, Wealth, Happiness and Evolution.

Earther Academy concentrates our efforts on Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Evolution of the mind and body.

How do get these essential virtues? Is there a way to achieve the 3-4 sacred words?

Health, Wealth, Happiness and Evolution.

If the Internal / External Body are toxic and full of parasites then you can never achieve the Health, Wealth, Happiness or Evolution-al virtues of life.

Parasites are the elusive energy Vampiric Creatures or demons is what I call them that give us the sickness, dysfunction and insanity that we see most of the time in Humanity.

Simple USA Stats:

  • 80% of the population – 240 million people in the USA are 15 pounds over weight, sick and toxic.
  • 30% of the population 100 million in the USA are 30 pounds over weight, sick and toxic.
    Body-fat is parasitic to the host!
  • 100 million Diabetics in the USA.
  • 1 out of 40 children have Autism being born.
  • 50 million depressed people taking a variety of pharmacological synthetic chemicals / drugs we call prescriptions / medicines.

Something is definitely wrong or it is definitely right depending what side of the fence you are on?? WTF?

Hope you enjoy this “What Do We Really Want in Life?” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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