Ultimate Strength, Power and Vitality Using Creatine for Blood Free Diet

Ultimate Strength, Power and Vitality Using Creatine for Blood Free Diet

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Ultimate Strength, Power and Vitality Using Creatine for Blood Free Diet – Are you Weak and Tired from a Bloodless Diet? You can get this Essential Nutrient in many sources of foods or supplements.

Have you ever had “Creatine” when you are on a No Meat/Blood Free Diet? A majority of people who try a vegetarian, or Blood Free Diet feel very weak and restless over a short period of time. Most likely you are only getting a small quantity of creatine compared when to you were eating flesh. I have found many simple solutions to the problem of this meatless/bloodless transition.

Creatine and consistent exercise is one of the solutions to get over this hump.

Most vegans, fruitarians, vegetarians or bloodless diets have very little creatine as compared to eating flesh and drinking blood. When you are on a plant based diet the body transforms over many months so it can learn how to be efficient to up-taking much smaller quantities of creatine.

The body is not not getting the flesh related nutrients any longer. I have found that the transition takes about 6 months to 1 year to be proficient in the body’s new source of bloodiness/flesh energy. Exercise is very important to activate the new forms of fuel you are now eating and drinking as well.

I have not had any flesh/blood for about 15 years now. If you take creatine then I will emphasize exercise once again – you must work out intensely/consistently to make it work and feel the difference (intensity means at your level of intensity). If you are a plant based athlete you will notice immediate difference in one day.

Most plant based dieters usually will go back to eating meat, because they complain they are tired and feel very lazy, weak and slow.

It is a great trick to fool the body that you are still having the creatine from the flesh.

This is how it works for me: I work out daily and my body is in great physical shape. When I take the creatine my body is almost twice as strong, and my endurance is about twice as good in just a week of taking this pharmaceutical grade fuel for my muscles and brain. I only use creatine a few times a month now, when I want to experiment with my exercising protocols.

Creatine is a transitional supplement that can be used once in while performing extreme exercise, or while transitioning from a flesh to a non flesh diet. Always use a certified pharmaceutical grade of Creatine.

Supplementing organic fertile eggs 2-3 times a week (2 eggs soft boiled) is also really good to use in the transition to a non-flesh diet.

I can tell you this; if you do take creatine it is necessary to exercise, and use the fuel that you just put into your body for what it was truly designed for, which is extreme explosive power, or sustained long endurance or power mentally or physically.

If you are you are vegetarian, fruitarian or vegetarian, or sports enthusiast you may want to experiment with creatine, and give it a try.

Commercially grown/manufactured flesh is not only super toxic, but it has so many “death brain chemicals” adrenaline, cortisol and host of other death or excitation/fear death chemicals. The death chemicals are then transferred into the blood and flesh, and we then consume the dead flesh and gain not only the protein and minerals of the animals, but we also consume and absorb the “Death Chemicals”, toxicities and a myriad of blood and flesh parasites that invade most of all conventional grown flesh, meat, fish, poultry etc.

My Personal Basic Creatine Recipe:

Mix together and drink all at once.

Recommended use: I drink this recipe 10-30 minutes before exercising to get maximum benefit of the creatine. I have also used this up to 20 grams a day for several weeks while exercising intensely 6-7 days a week.

I would recommend to have a consistent exercise routine while using creatine for the best effects/results.

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You are what you ‘”Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this “Ultimate Strength, Power and Vitality Using Creatine for Blood Free Diet” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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      Hi Ann! Most creatine that are made and sold commercially are neither made from animals or plants. They are made from a combination of chemical compounds. I do not take creatine supplements because I am eating meat now. When I was plant based I used to take it 🙂

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