The Sweetness Is Your Weakness

The Sweetness Is Your Weakness

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The Sweetness Is Your Weakness – Is Your Sugar Craving Your Weakness? Why do you think you crave any types of sugary sweets all the time? There are a myriad of types of unknown and known personal addictions that you can have.

Most of us never really question why we are so hungry all the time and crave sweet/processed foods and sugary toxic drinks.

One of the most powerful and sinister Mind Controlling Parasites are the “Yeast, Mold, Fungus and Candida” species that crave any type of sugar to feed upon.

Could it be possible that “Body Fat” is a Live Parasitic Creature? If Body Fat is a Live Parasitic Creature then what does it eat? and how can I remove or get rid of it from my body?

I have found that Body Fat is a veracious sugar eating type of parasite and is programmed to survive, eat/feed, replicate and defecate in the human body.

Could it possible that you have “Mind Controlling Parasites” that are controlling your taste bugs and are signaling you to feed constantly on any type of sugar and processed carbohydrates?

There are many types of internal and external human parasites which I have personally studied for over 40 years.

At Earther Academy we have many important instructional and educational videos on these very elusive and destructive parasitic creatures, and how I have successfully personally removed them by using the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles.

I refer to these tiny colonizing lifeforms as a purely parasitic species that have been found to have incredibly powerful mind controlling abilities to their unassuming hosts, and will feed constantly on the food supplies that these parasites and others desire.

Parasites in general are truly an unknown alien species that mostly use mammals as their hosts to live and colonize in. They live in any of the warm breathing species like humans, mammals, birds or any other warm blooded creatures.

In order for most of the parasites to live and thrive they need a constant flow of nutrients to eat, and then the animal or human hosts of the parasites have to biologically process all of their defecation, urine or feces in the body.

Remember if you are hungry you are most likely thirsty, and not as hungry as you think 🙂 I try to drink a gallon of distilled water throughout the day.

Recommended Categories and Courses: Fasting, Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Water, Parasites, Mind Controlling Parasites.

Hope you enjoy this “The Sweetness Is Your Weakness” 🙂

Dr. Robert Cassar

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