The Great Work of Evolution

The Great Work of Evolution

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The Great Work of Evolution? Have you ever heard of this great work before? This is the Greatest Work we can ever embark on.

“EVOLUTION” IS the key to surviving and thriving in the new world.

“Real Mind and Body Evolution” is not really going to the office / digging holes / surviving / following orders / school / suffering / sickness / making a unauthentic living or building a house without a purpose etc.

But, it has to do with the real path of “EVOLUTION” of the self, or what I like to share with people, the multi-self’s growth and equanimity of the mind’s and the body’s.

Philosophy is the key, and then authentic action / cause / effect is the “BIG PICTURE” for sure when we are talking about “TRUE EVOLUTION”.

This type of mind and body Evolution is slow to see in ones self, and is not easy to see on others. But, it is really easy to see this phenomenon on yourself.

I call myself a complete “moron” all the time because, when I look at the prior selves of my selves.

I can’t believe that I used to be like that before, and I am not like that consciousness any longer.

This is true growth to look back at yourself and analyze  the conscious or unconscious prior selves if you can :))

I have Evolved immensely since I have been honoring my body and mind over the past 40 years but most especially the last 10 years.

I also have evolved to see that everyone is on their own journey / sojourn, or having their own personal real live movie being presented by the day, to what we call our life :))

Critical thinking, discernment, integrity, morals are a few of the words that come to mind of new human hybrid!

This is the way to true evolution, and discretion is another avenue to get you started in your sojourn or journey of life.

I lost 40 pounds of deep seated toxicity and parasites ( demons ) using the terrain modification protocols, practices and principles.

Upgrade, enhance and optimize is the key to Evolution of the mind and the body.

We call these protocols, practices and disciplines – Terrain Modification.

Please learn all of them, and practice them all well when you can :))

These simple protocols change peoples lives for sure.

Removing the parasitic colonization in the body and mind is the first start to evolution. These are parasitic passengers, and they do not want to leave us when they are in.

Deprogramming in every layer of the Matrix is very necessary to EVOLVE.

In time you will see, feel, hear, touch, sense and understand much more than what  you could perceive prior to your current “dumb-ing down” or advancement.

Chemical castration is the easiest way to control a population controlled by hormones and gender.

In time you will either become more human or be trans-humanized slowly and silently.

Hope you enjoy this The Great Work of Evolution Video :))

Dr. Robert

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