The Awakening - New Years Re-Solution To Yourself

The Awakening – New Years Re-Solution To Yourself

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The Awakening is the “Ultimate Re-solution” to show yourself not only your “New You” but a much better enhanced, upgraded and optimized “New and Improved Self”.

This is the beautiful true Awakening of the Mind, Body and Nature/Spirits.

Are you/we ready to start the next Journey?

We all live in a Multiverse of Energies and Variant Frequencies.

Here’s a great idea for the “Re-Solution” for New Years, or any day, to start the Wild Fantastic Journey of the better self.

The “Re-Solution” or “Resolution” of yourself to a more optimized, upgraded and enhanced Self is the beautiful and unknown practice called the “Great Work”. When truly contemplated of this honor and betting of ones self is in many philosophy books and religions too speak to these virtues to engage within the Human carnation of one physical body life span.

This upgraded Hu-Man/Woman Multiverse Virtues or Energies are open/available to all that want them, and to be very disciplined into the purifying, purging and rebuilding of the body and mind called “The Great Work”.

The Body and Mind must be purified, purged and rebuilt in order to evolve into more awareness and/or higher states of consciousness.

We are all full of toxicity and a variety of interior and exterior parasites/demonic biology, to say is one of the chief problems of the Human condition but there are many more in the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles Earther Academy Courses.

It does take some critical thinking, discipline and time to learn these new protocols to help you navigate through the many hurdles.

The “Re-Solution” or “Resolution” is to look for other better and easier “Solutions” that are the next layers to health, wealth, happiness and evolution of the enhanced totality of not only our personal self, but “What is Best for Us All Collectively” as well.

Why Do We All Need a “Re-Solution” or “Resolution” in Our Lives at This Time?”

We all should ponder this idea a little and look at what the state of the human and animal conditions are!

Most people ask why I or we need to change it up? Look around or take your clothes off and look into the mirror and see if you still like yourself, the Earth and it’s Creatures.

This “Personal Resolution” is to better thy self, synchronize and re-align multiple biological formats in the mind and body that upgrades the last years resolutions.

We are all sick in many ways to some degree in the physical, mental, emotional and ethereal layers of being Human.

We all have been socially engineered, or farmed so to speak, to be who we are supposed to be like, act, dress, indoctrination, rights, rules, food, water, power, sewage systems or any given exterior substance for life, money, government, education etc.

The “Tell-A-Vision” is truly a genius subconscious powerful programming in our “Conquer and Divide” duality societies that have been toiling on for millennia.

In the USA we watch an average of 6 hours a day and 9 years of our life watching TV, boob tube, the theater or storytellers. Television is the genius programming or baby sitting giving us professional sports, gambling, porno, politics, reality shows, fear porn, war, commercials, etc. for ones biological life to have the mind be entertained or distracted.

So many layers within layers depending on where we live, grow up, education or indoctrination of schooling or training, what languages/areas we live and communicate with, and of course how well we communicate the languages and programming we all learn so well.

What do we really all want in life? We pretty much all want the same if you travel the world to see the human conditions, and we all want to live and thrive without fighting or terror.

Other suggested posts: What Do We Really Want In Life?, The Great Work Of Evolution and Talking About Life – My 55th Breath-day.

As I have seen over and over again; We all want the same basic necessities in life, and if we do not we cannot live at all.

Here are a few of the necessities: clean real food, simple shelters, simple clothing, available clean water for all, no violence, no hunger, no-poverty, no-pestilence, tools to produce, education to live better and more abundant, sharing with each other, being “loving, social and progressive” in a positive way and to be able to help others achieve optimal health, wellness, finances, relationships etc.

There are so many positive progressive collective and personal virtues that we all want to add to our enhanced lifestyle list.

So, see if you/we can add a few of these to our “New Self” and don’t forget to remove a few things to make room for the new.

We all really want the best for each other when we are not toxic and sick of being sick and tired.

Tell your personal stories to inspire, and give some enthusiasm to others to have the courage to look into a “Re-Solution” or “Resolution” of their new and better selves.

Follow the Earther Academy Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles to learn and practice better ways of life that make sense when you/we have some more sense. Which simply means in a higher real-ism or more real real-ity.

If we personally and collectively choose to see other layers of possible better realities then we all grow to the next level of life.

Hope you enjoy this “The Awakening – New Years Re-Solution To Yourself” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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