Sunbathing Naked w. Dr. Robert Cassar

Sunbathing Naked

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Sunbathing Naked – If you have not had a real Mind and Body Vacation in a while then I am going to show you how I take my “BEST VACATION EVER!” Sunbathing Naked sounds a little weird, but it’s the best and cheapest way for you to get back some of your vitality in the mind and body very quickly, …

Side Effects of Living Silica - What You Don't Know!

Side Effects of Living Silica – What You Don’t Know!

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Side Effects of Living Silica – What You Don’t Know! Do you have Ugly Skin, Wrinkles, Baldness, Brittle Hair, Dry Skin? Most likely this is a deficiency in your Silica and Mineral levels. How wold you like to have less dry and or wrinkled skin? No “body” wants ugly or old looking skin and clogged pores! The good side effects …