Dr. Robert Cassar's 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet

Dr. Robert Cassar’s 1 Year Healing And Transformation Diet

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I am going to show you my physical transformation and experimental results from a 1 year journey of re-nourishing and rebuilding myself from being severely malnourished from a 15 year “Ovo-Lacto Vegan or Vegetarian” plant based diet. For 15 years I did not eat any animals, fish or poultry – no flesh at all. I only ate mostly raw veggies, …

Catabolic Versus Anabolic Diet

Catabolic Versus Anabolic Diet

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I am going to explain some of the different types of diets that are either “Catabolic or Anabolic” in nature, for musculature or physical development. At the micro level all diets are both catabolic and anabolic in nature – but we are talking about the musculature and physical development at the micro and macro levels. This subject goes deep and …