Abdominal Visceral Massage Techniques

Abdominal Visceral Massage Techniques

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Abdominal Visceral Massage Techniques – Do You Think You Could Ever Do A “15 Day Dry Block Water Fast?” Part 1 is a very informative 1 hour Mini Lecture with the theme and philosophy of Liquid Fasting. We are going to connect the dots again – Parasites and Toxicity are the main reasons to to do a Liquid  Fast. Part …

Hands On Practitioner Accumulation of Bad Energy with Dr. Robert Cassar

Hands On Practitioner Accumulation Of Bad Energy

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Hands On Practitioner / Health and Wellness Hands Accumulation Of Bad / Sick Energies. What kind of bad, dysfunctional, low vibrational or stale energy are we talking about really accumulating? Other peoples energies that travel from one person to another when touching them or releasing there bad energies absorbing into the body and the mind. That is what this video …