The Adventures of a New Life

The Adventures of a New Life

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The Adventures of a New Life – How Would You Like To Get A “New Life?” Follow the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles and you will for sure. Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize are chiefly the keys to health and wellness using Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles. The “Adventures of a New Life” is what we all get with …

Talking about Life - Dr. Robert Cassar's 55th Breath-Day

Talking About Life – My 55th Breath-day

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Aloha all, My Birth-Day is today! So, the theme of this “Talking About Life” Video is to present some ideas on a life perspective that I have real-ized just recently. “Earth-ling to Earth-er” metamorphosis is the Great Work as we will talk about. From “Caterpillar to Butterfly” metamorphosis is quite the beautiful thing! :)) Are You / We Ready to …