Absorbing Biological Plasma - 5 Part Series

Absorbing Biological Plasma

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This is a 5 Part Series on “Absorbing Biological Plasma”. How to attract and absorb BIO-LOGICAL PLASMA?? This is the theme of this very essential video lecture series of information – “Absorbing Biological Plasma”. Learning / practicing and understanding these protocols are surely going to upgrade, enhance and optimize your life for sure. All you can do is give it …

Barefoot Hiking and Grounding Techniques

Barefoot Hiking and Grounding Techniques

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Essential Grounding Techniques Barefoot Hiking with Mark Danielles – How we can “Bio-Logically” ground ourselves back to Nature. Aloha all, How we can ”Bio-Logically” ground ourselves back to Nature? How much does it cost ? NADA!!!! in Spanish that means NOTHING! :)) We do this every weekend ( rain or shine ), and when we are done it is a …