Starting Your Terrain Modification Journey

Starting Your Terrain Modification Journey

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Starting Your Terrain Modification Journey – “How Do I Start My Terrain Modification Health and Wellness Journey?” is a very common question I receive consistently. People constantly leave me messages like: “There is so much to learn,… where do I start?”. Taking the first step is just realizing in your mind that you are going to Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize your Lifestyle.

The first step is that the mind needs to know that this program is a slow process – baby steps at a time. But, when starting your new journey you must realize that you are simply learning and practicing lowering and reducing the toxicities in your household and body.

Most of our houses and offices we live and work in are really a diverse hidden toxic pit of synthetic chemicals in our cleaning products, personal care products, perfumes, soaps, conditioners, dirty or contaminated water supplies, wireless radio frequency (or RF Wi-Fi pollution). These are some of the toxicities outside of our bodies, so we must learn how to minimize these exposures or assaults.

Our food and water we put in our bodes must also be upgraded, enhanced and optimized. We have many courses and video categories to watch and learn from.

Dissolving, washing and re-nutryfying is another step we will take in our Terrain Modification health and wellness journey. De-accumulating toxicity and washing the body internally, and then re-nourishing our bodies with a variety of trace minerals and more efficient fuels that we call food and water.

Our bodies are 18 gallons of conductive salt water, so water is a very important first step to consistently learn and practice (see courses below).

I like to call the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles “The Great Work” or the “Body and Mind Tuneup”.

Most people will see immediate changes in decreasing body fat and intestinal accumulated debris reduction within the first few weeks.

The first phase (or 180 days) of your new lifestyle will be life changing in many ways. The philosophy and reasoning of why you are going to do this upgrade is of most importance.

Please watch at least 2 hours a day of our videos we have on, where I share my personal protocols, practices and principles I learned over the past 40 years of clinical and personal experiences.

There are also many excellent documentaries for you to watch and learn from in the health and wellness fields such as: side effects of vaccines, GMO’s, RF fields, wireless technologies, fluoridation, endocrine hormone disruptors, BPA and more, to get you started.

Navigation is the key to getting away from many hidden toxicities most of us our families are swimming in constantly. Many sicknesses are caused by simple ignorance!

Please make a video on your transformation and send it to me directly at

Recommended Courses and Categories: Getting Started, Earther Kitchen, Becoming Your Own Doctor, Water, Essential Philosophy, Parasites, Call To Action.

Hope you enjoy this “Starting Your Terrain Modification Journey” video :))

Dr. Robert

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