Skin Cleaning Demonstration and Vodka Detox Recipe

Skin Cleaning Demonstration and Vodka Detox Recipe

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Skin Cleaning Demonstration and Vodka Detox Recipe and Multi Layered Skin and Pore Cleaning / Detoxing Protecting Protocols.

When is the last time you have REALLY effectively Cleaned, Detoxed, Fed your Body Minerals through your Skin/Pores and Rejuvenated and Protected the Skin?

Have you ever cleaned your skin and pores with a Mineralized Vodka Solution?

I am going to share with you the “Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Recipe” and some simple Protocols to start.

“The Sun is your friend when you Skin and Pores are clean!” – if it is dirty then it is your demise for sure 🙂

When the skin is functioning correctly the skin and pores can manufacture life saving D3 accumulators from the sun, to enhance and balance all of the hormones and many immunological systems that let us thrive without any sickness.

Most people have never deloused their skin and pores of tiny parasites and other unseen invisible creatures that live on and in our skin and pores.

Skin/Pore Cleaning, Detoxing and Rejuvenation is the easiest and most essential therapy we can all do and practice regularly.

The best part of the skin and pore therapies is we don’t even have to change our diet or lifestyle at all. Of course it would be best if you did change your food and liquids, but this is a great and easy start with the skin and pore detoxing and delousing the parasites.

Just one deep cleaning/detoxing/re-lubricating of the skin and pore therapeutic self treatments, and you will magically notice your skin/pores more youthful and cleaner than you have ever felt before.

Most peoples skin and pores are severely clogged and full of parasites and Scleroderma.

When we really look at our skin tone, we will notice the normal persons dirty and toxic skin has a yellowish and greenish tint to it.

The “Healthy” skin/pores should be a rose/pinkish color without yellow and any green at all noticeable in the skin tones, and should be very smooth.

Skin Hardening

Scleroderma is a hardening and aging of the skin and pores, wrinkles, blackheads, dry skin, large pores, oily skin, balding, aging of skin, smelly or stinky body odor, excessive sweaty palms and hands etc. all are part of the bodies reaction to the skin and pores not working in harmony together at all.

Do not go out into the sun unless you have cleaned, detoxed and re-lubricated the skin and pores with the protocols!

When the skin and pores burn in the sun, following the skin protocols will be a hidden blessing for sure. Most likely if you follow the skin delousing protocols then you will never get sun burnt again when in the suns UV rays.

The skin and pore parasites burn in the sun not us, so when you wipe them off then you don’t burn any longer 🙂

If your skin and pores are clogged then your skin cannot breathe and/or release toxicity. In time – these toxins will accumulate and you will get sick and tired from toxicity. Clogged pores has a lot to do with bad skin and a sick immune system not working well.

We all need to get D3 from the sun. So, please follow the protocols, watch the private videos on the sauna techniques and these therapies will change your life for better I guarantee you.

Courses to watch:

I would recommend using the vodka scrub on the entire body one a week at least and watch all of our private videos so you can understand the whole process thoroughly.

I personally perform the skin/pore/detox/skin feeding/re-lubricating/protecting recipe “DAILY” always after my shower or if my skin is dry and needs re-moisturizing throughout the day.

The skin and pores are the largest organ of the body, and is definitely the top detox organ when is operating correctly.

Hair Mites and other Parasites are mostly responsible for:

  • Baldness and Thinning of the Hair
  • Premature Skin and Wrinkles ( from de-mineralized skin )
  • Clogged Pores
  • Black Heads ( are on everyone )
  • Body Fat  – is a live creature and loves to thrive in a clogged and dry liquid body that feeds on sugar of any type
  • Smelly Arm Pits – and feces are a cause of being toxic and sick, and can be a part of the body being clogged.

Cleaning and detoxing the skin can rid the body of billions of parasites such as fungus, candida, yeast and mold on the skin and pores.

I did this video in early 2011 in Hawaii ( when I still had long hair 🙂 ) and we have upgraded, enhanced and optimized the protocols, practices and disciplines in many areas of health and wellness, so keep up with our progress through the newer videos as well.

I don’t teach people how to make the acid vodka solution any longer, as it is too confusing for people. So, now we just show the beginners how to make the Alkaline Mineralized Vodka Solution to start.

We have many 100’s of courses with private personal protocols here on on cleaning and detoxing the skin and pores and much more. Please follow all of the Earther Academy protocols, practices and principles that are private if you really want to see the deeper layers of health and wellness.

These cutting edge protocols and practices for the skin and pores are sanitizing, cleaning and feeding the skin.

“Lean is Clean” and “Clean is Lean” :))

The following skin and pore detoxification and rejuvenation protocols, restores skin and pores back to a more youthful age. Billions of skin and pore “Micro Parasites” will be removed from the first treatment.

Please see the Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Recipe Course here!

Some of the products used are: Fossil Shell Flour, Aluminum Free Sodium Bicarbonate, MSM, Liquid Himalayan Salt ( or Fine Himalayan Salt Crystals ), Ionic Magnesium Concentrate and Living Silica.

Once the skin and pores have been thoroughly cleaned and detoxed, we always re-lubricate to protect them skin.

I also recommend practicing daily how to transdermally feed and massage the entire skin/face/hands/feet to finish the therapy.

Some of the products used for Skin and Pore Protection/Re-Lubrication/Transdermal Mineral Protection are: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao Butter, Magnesium/Living Silica combination.

Make sure you do not buy diluted products or those that are in toxic packaging.

At we have all of the non diluted, organic, super discounted, hard to find products. Worldwide shipping for all of the products necessary to perform these health and wellness therapies that will change the way you look and feel after the first treatment.

Hope you enjoy this “Skin Cleaning Demonstration and Vodka Detox Recipe” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Comments 8

  1. Thank you for this class! It explained so much of what’s going on with me!
    I signed up, ordered everything from and Amazon. Paid for faster shipping and am studying the videos to excute may game plan once products arrive. Ready for my 180 day commitment!

    1. Post

      Aloha Giovanne :)) of course you can use the raw – only – type – not pasteurized – apple cider vinegar :)) Please finish off with the re lubricating of the skin with the coco oil … minerals and then cacao butter too.

      :)) Dr. Robert

    1. Post

      Aloha Susan :)) The solution can be used on the entire body. The only problem is if you dye your hair ? You may loose some of the color because this will clean to the root many of the petrochemicals and toxins that are stuck to the hair and the scalp.

      I always use the 4X concentrate Living Silica spray on my hair and scalp : The pure concentrate is found at

      I spray the living silica into my scalp and on my hair after every shower as an additive – silica hair leave in hair conditioner.

      Most people have hair mites, fungus, candida and many more unknown types of tiny and cannot see with the naked eye – invisible parasites so small you could fit literally thousands – millions of them just in “ONE” hair pore.

      I also use the GWASHING techniques on the skull in the shower daily and it really feels good to do this therapy but at first it will be somewhat painful because of the calcium or oxalate deposits on the skull and cranium.

      Please study, practice and learn the categories in GWASHING and MASSAGE.

      :)) Dr. Robert

  2. Is there a protocal for daily skin washing besides the vodka solution? I’ve heard you say on several videos you can do this one once a week, or daily, but not seeing a “daily” solution and/or protocol for skin cleaning. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Jeremy.

      I only use the Vodka Solution 1-2 times per week depending on how dirty I get. I then use Dr. Bronners with my exfoliating gloves in the shower on the other days I don’t use the alcohol.

      Always make sure you re-lubricate with the coconut oil and ionic minerals. I like to use Cacao Butter on top of my skin after the Coconut Oil to help moisturize the skin.

      Hope that helps :))

      Dr. Robert

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