Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification with Beatrice

Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification with Beatrice

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Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification – Pre Sauna Workshop with Beatrice and Stephane. Do you know how to really clean, disinfect, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin and pores?

In this Learn Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification Video we are going to show you a miraculous technique that really removes toxicity and micro small parasites very effectively and easy to do. This is potent therapy used for the exterior of the body only.

In this eye opening video workshop, with Beatrice from Hungary and Stephan from Australia, we are all going to work on each other to show you some of the cutting edge techniques to rejuvenate skin and pores.

Did you know that everyone has parasites that live inside of our the body’s and also billions of passengers living on the skin and pores?  

So, learning internal and external terrain Modification is essential to navigate through these simple upgrades, enhancements, and optimizing is the main directive and theme of terrain modification.

These techniques for all parts of the exterior body are absolutely amazing when following the protocols, practices and principles.

This is our Sun-Day which is “Spa-Day Enjoy” :))

We are going to go over some of the skin and pore cleansing techniques with this hands on action video.

The simple protocols, practices and principles of skin cleaning, detoxing and regeneration / rejuvenation of the skin and pores.

How I use these techniques and practices.

Depending if I want to unclog the skin and pores, remove / wipe off the skin parasites and pore parasites, reduce and / or repair the skin especially stretch marks, extra hanging skin, repairing and reducing wrinkles or scleroderma ( which is found when we age and get toxic ) there are many ways to learn how to use these understandings to detox and repair the skin and pores.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and the skin and pores weigh in at about 10 pounds!

I call this detox miraculous organ the 3rd kidney.

So, please learn how to take of this “miraculous super organ”.

In time, when the body’s skin is free of debris, you will be ready to start to feed the skin through transdermal feeding which is feeding of the skin through the skin and pores.

Here’s a Mineralized Skin Cleaning and Pore Detox / Parasite Recipe using the 3-5 times distilled 1.75 liter Vodka alcohol in glass and all of these ingredients.


It is Super Toxic to the skin and pores. This type of alcohol drys out and damages the skin and pores – Use only 3-5 times distilled vodka.

Best deal for the vodka is at Costco for $13.99 and its 6 x’s distilled vodka in a clear glass bottle only.

Do not use colored bottles to store your mineralized skin cleaning Vodka, because the strong minerals and other products will leach out some of the color of the bottles which are very toxic.

And, NEVER use alcohol of any type unless it has the minerals and you use the re-lubricating protocols to protect and help the skin to be nourished and regenerative.


Also, watch “How To Make Super Mineralized Sole Salt” and “Basic Vodka Skin Cleaning Solution Recipe.

This is the basic recipe and there are many more cutting edge recipes it totally depends on the desire effects and needs.

Watch the Sauna Detox and Gwashing category to learn a lot of techniques that I have used for many years and 10’s of thousands of people around the world have also used this with excellent results.

See what happens to you when you really detox and rid the skin of fungus, yeast, mold, parasites etc.

Also learn how to correctly re-lubricate and protect of the skin and pores which must also be learned and practiced.

See: 14 Day Dry Water Fast Interview and Gwashing Workshop

Hope you En-Joy this “Skin and Pore Cleansing Detoxification with Beatrice” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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    1. Post

      Aloha Juanita, Dr c here :))

      I use a combination of coco oil … coconut oil .. mag minerals .. silica to use for the best re-lubricating and protecting oil you can get.

      Make sure you use the vodka solutions with the minerals to super clean the pores and skin and then of course re-lubricate to protect. Rub it in with the ionic minerals and this is a form of feeding through the skin.

      :)) Dr r

  1. Hello Dr Cassar,

    Thank you for the video. I am on day 5 of a water fast. You mentioned that fasting denies parasites food. What do the skin parasites and fungus eat? Will they continue to thrive despite fasting? Why does water fasting work for parasites that don’t eat food?

      1. Post
    1. Post

      Aloha Angel, Dr c here :))

      Great to hear you are water fasting:))

      Most of the skin parasites eat the dead bugs that we excrete through our skin. Cleaning the skin with the skin cleaning protocols and then re-lubricating is the smart technique to learn and practice.

      Parasites on the skin are not only externally .. they are in the pores too. So clean the skin daily while you are fasting and dont forget to lay out in the sun full body nude after you have put the re-lubricating materials back on the skin.

      :)) Dr

    1. Post

      Aloha Dr c here ;))

      Always dilute the mineralized vodka solution with either living silica or distilled water at any dilution ratio. I have found it is good to dilute the face alcohol to 25-50 % of the full strength.

      After cleaning the face skin it is necessary to re-lubricate th skin immediately with the coco oil, minerals, silica and then cacao butter :))

      Enjoy :)) dr r

  2. Aloha Dr C,

    You mention to re-lubricate the skin immediately with the coco oil, minerals, silica and then cacao butter after cleaning the skin. Could you share the recipe or the ratio of coconut oil, minerals, silica and cacao butter, please?

    1. Post

      Hi Jaunelle.

      I use a few sprays of the magnesium/silica minerals in my hand, and then I add a small amount of coconut oil and rub my hands together thoroughly. I then apply all over my body.

      After I am finished with the coconut oil I use the cacao butter as a moisturizer and mild sunscreen.

  3. Hello there Dr Cassar and team,
    I ended up ordering some sodium bicarbonate. But in the meantime I have some food grade potassium bicarbonate from pure organic. May I substitute that to make the vodka skin cleaning solution? Not sure how big the difference is?

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