Side Effects of Living Silica - What You Don't Know!

Side Effects of Living Silica – What You Don’t Know!

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Side Effects of Living Silica – What You Don’t Know! Do you have Ugly Skin, Wrinkles, Baldness, Brittle Hair, Dry Skin? Most likely this is a deficiency in your Silica and Mineral levels.

How wold you like to have less dry and or wrinkled skin? No “body” wants ugly or old looking skin and clogged pores!

The good side effects is what we are going to talk about in this video πŸ™‚

Question’s I get all the time:

  • “What is necessary to have smooth skin and regain my youthful flexible skin I once had?”
  • “How do I not get rid if the wrinkles and old skin?”
  • “How do I get more flexibility in my stiff back and shoulders and don’t forget about the aches in my joints and muscles?”

I have been taking daily doses of Living Silica and other Silica suppliants for over 10 years without any bad effects.

Personally, my nails on both my feet and hands grow so fast I need to trim and file them weekly or I look like a wild man πŸ™‚ – and my nails are truly as HARD as nails should be.

My hair grows about 1 – 1/2 inches per month, so I get a hair cut every 3 weeks, because of my clean diet and all of the silica and minerals I use daily.

My skin is like I have renewed it with the “Skin and Pore Detox/Rejuvenation and Re-lubrication” Protocols I use.

I have learned and tested these protocols for over 40 years for detoxification and rejuvenation, and they do work excellent.

You still have to rebuild and break down the damaged connective tissues a little at a time, with a variety of therapies such as: many deep full body massages you can handle, fasting, various and disciplined daily exercises, daily stretching, decreasing stress levels, re-nourishing the body with correct minerals – gut wall flora – and highly mineralized Non-GMO fuels, live food, drinking a lot of distilled water and organic foods, etc.

In order to rebuild the connective tissues we do need a constant source of silica and a variety of ionic minerals to aid in these processes.

What plant is most abundant with silica? Bamboo is full of silica and most commercially conventional foods are devoid of any real amounts of silica, so in my opinion we all need to have daily silica supplementation from a good source.

Most people do not have this magical bamboo full of silica, so I recommend people to use our 4 time concentrated silica in your water and liquids daily. Make sure you get a undiluted 4 times source of silica otherwise your getting the diluted version for the same money.

Follow the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles for the exterior and interior body. Another use for liquid living silica is to support repair of damaged hair and scalp.

This is the best leave on hair non toxic repair conditioner – I use this daily on my hair and scalp .

Our hair and scalp is damaged from toxic shampoos. chloramine, chlorine and fluoride in our public water supply, so make sure you get a really good Shower Filter or a Whole House Water System to clean up your water supply better.

Silica exists predominantly in the connective tissues – skin, blood vessels, cartilage, bone, teeth, tendons and hair, all of the organs, brain, gums, intestines, hair of any type, all connective tissues.

Thus, silica is thought to promote healthy blood vessel walls, especially in the heart.

Silica is “One” of the keys to higher level of thinking and felling.

Real absorbable silica is one of the many “Secrets” to the “Keeping your Fountain of Youth!”.

The “Ego” part of yourself is very self conscious on how it looks and feels.

So, if we can make ourselves look and feel better, the “New Self” will fell much better about the “Insecure Self” – for sure :))

We all have less physical, mental and emotional insecurity/stress when we eat and drink the right liquids with super minerals in them.

Recommended products/support to help you regenerate and repair the connective tissues:

Learn the Terrain Modification protocols to learn how I cured my dysfunctions naturally and holistically.

At you can get all of your non diluted ionic hard to find minerals, organic super-foods, cold processed herbs, essential household upgrades and much more.

These products are all wholesale or at a large discount to the general public. Earth Shift Products also service the world with world wide shipping and free shipping promotions.

Please make sure to study the “Becoming Your Own Doctor” Videos.

Hope you enjoy this “Side Effects of Living Silica – What You Don’t Know!” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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