Rethinking Reality: Do I Kill The Lamb of God on Easter Sunday?

Rethinking Reality: Do I Kill The Lamb of God on Easter Sunday?

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Rethinking Reality: Do I Kill The Lamb of God on Easter Sunday? – Let’s see if we can “Make Sense” of a lot of “Non Sense” of the Ancient and Current Traditional Sacrifice of a Living, 5 or more Senses Activated Reality, Sentient Being.

Do we really need to keep doing what we are doing unconsciously or consciously killing to celebrate or mourn?

Billions of living creatures were sacrificed, murdered, killed and processed over the last week for Easter Sunday celebration. Almost all of the animal sacrifices are in the name of the “Celebration of Life” or the “Mourning of Death”.

We are going to visit our adopted child – Sheila the Lamb – on the Earther Academy Sanctuary in Hawaii. Many people and religions call her kind the sacred “Lamb of God”.

Sheila the Lamb of God is an orphan and was left out to die. Her mother did not want her, so we adopted her and loved her as if she was one of new children on the farm. Some of the guys working at this farm said: “The younger the lamb the softer and better tasting the meat is”.

We bottle fed young Sheila, and she been with us on the farm since she was 1 week old.

Are you hungry enough to kill the Lamb of God?

No judgement here, l but do we need to keep sacrificing or murdering these companions of all of us so called Humans?

Remember, you’re going to drink Sheila’s blood and feast off her dead flesh after you skin and bleed this young child, remove her guts, process the dead carcass and cut it up in small pieces to eat later. Don’t forget to bury her intestines, end trails, head, legs and non eatable parts.

After all of that, she is now ready to start to marinate in the spices and salt to make her flesh not taste gamey.

The fire ceremony is next – grill this young lamb, or child, on the fire just right, or what we call the sacred barbecuing or the super hot grill.

Do you think you can kill this beautiful child or Lamb of God? This innocent child or baby that you have raised from birth, fed, taken care of when she was sick or when she was healthy?

Now, just because you are hungry you want to follow the sacred, sacrificial, traditional celebrating of a national, personal holiday or mourning etc?

So, we kill something… so we can celebrate? Remember: “Death begets Death”.

Do these traditional ideas and concepts make sense in this day and age of enlightenment?

These thousands of years old concepts only make sense to change and upgrade when we start to wake up from what is “Truly Right Consciously” versus what could be understood as completely not necessary at this time and age we live in.

“Rethinking Reality” is a very hard concept for most people, and to comprehend that we do not need to destroy to stay alive and flourish.

The current stories of the world have so many “Holy”, “Religious” and “Celebration-al” death feast ceremonies and celebrations every year, which accounts for over 56 billion farmed animals killed, destroyed, murdered and suffering every year by humans, so they can eat their dead flesh and drink the blood of another creature. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes.

Most of us follow the common people herd of consensus and ideologies, thus we are socially engineered to follow the common people herd. Following the herd means that you are usually doing/thinking what other simpletons are doing whether it is right or wrong.

The mantra of the common people is: “GO ALONG TO GET ALONG”.

A social engineered psychology syndrome is good to study thoroughly and then ask the big question: “Why do we kill other beings to stay alive or celebrate death with more death?”.

Most of us have no idea the actions and reactions of what we are un-consciously or un-knowingly doing or not doing.

As the ancient texts and philosophers have been trying to tell us for centuries in many folklore of the Essene’s and others: “Suffering comes from those who do not want to heal or stop the sufferings of their own caused sufferings”, and “Forgive us for we do not know what we do to ourselves and others”.

I have had over 40 years of personal research and experimentation, and what 15 years+ of hands-on, one on one clinical patient practice proves to me, over and over again, is that the parasites make us eat the flesh and drink the blood of other sentient beings. Once we remove the blood sucking parasites in our bodies we don’t want to eat meat or flesh any longer.

A worthy question to ask: “Would you eat your precious companions? Parrot? Cat? Dog? Horse? Child? Friend etc.?

Why the “HELL” do we “KILL” on Easter Sunday? And on other special Holy Days, Celebrations, Funerals, July 4th, Christmas, New Year, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Secretaries Day, Cinco de Mayo, Graduations etc. in the calendar year. Why do we celebrate with eating dead flesh and drinking blood? Does it make any sense?

We really celebrate death in many weird ways. Why do we “Sacrifice”, “Torture” and “Murder” any animals to homage life for death or more death celebrating life – does any of this make any sense to you?

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Are we ready to stop drinking the blood and chewing of dead flesh of sentient, conscious 5 sense beings and companions?

I would highly recommend following our Terrain Modification programs and learn how to start experimenting with a variety of upgrades, enhancing and optimizing protocols such as intermittent/block fasting with liquids, re-straining from all flesh and blood for the next 180 days as a super detoxification therapy.

I have personally helped, with very high success rates, using these dry out and resetting, body and mind techniques to many hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. Terrain Modification protocols are excellent and easy to learn and practice.

The sooner you can start to detoxify and regenerate your mental, physical and emotional health the more vital and healthy you will be. I am 57 years old biologically and I have been on a “Blood Free Diet” for over 15 years and feel better than I ever have in my life.

These human blood parasites that are found in our blood, and the blood from other animals, all feed off of the dead flesh and dead blood that we eat and drink.

Remember, most commercial grown flesh is very toxic and full of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and vaccines.

So, what I am really trying to share with you is: I have not had any blood or chewed on any flesh for a 15 full years.

For further studies research: Infected Toxic Commercial Meat, Parasites found in Animals, Fish, Birds, Flesh and Commercial Slaughter Industry.

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Hope you enjoy this “Rethinking Reality: Do I Kill The Lamb of God on Easter Sunday?” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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