Reducing Microwave and EMF Exposure

Reducing Microwave and EMF Exposure

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I am going to show you how I reduce, or remove my exposure to both Microwaves and EMF’s. I will show you several common electronic devices in my house which, when left plugged in, create large dysfunctional magnetic fields that are being constantly produced without you even knowing it, causing a hidden assault on the body and mind.

I will also show you what typical bluetooth wireless devices sound like using two different sensitive and accurate meters, to check for the leakage of electricity, magnetism radio frequencies (RF) and microwaves in my house.

The reason I am showing you this video is to share with you how I reduce the electromagnetic exposure in my house, very easily in most cases with a power cord.

Knowing and learning how to decrease your exposure to these toxic invisible waves is the point I want to get across here. Remember, all electrical devices leak electricity and produce artificial electromagnetic fields. You can also save money on electricity by following the simple fixes and adopt them into your home and work environment.

Electromagnetic fields in the home and sources
Electromagnetic fields in the home

Other names for Microwave Exposure are “Radio Frequency Exposure” and “RF Exposure”. All of these terms are synonymous with one another.

Oxidative Stress

I would suggest you read the study on: Effects of Microwave Radiation on Brain Energy Metabolism and Related Mechanisms. Below are a few of the study’s findings and concerns.

The brain is one of the most sensitive target organs for microwave radiation, where mitochondrial injury occurs earlier and more severely than in other organs. Energy metabolism disorders do play an important role during the process of microwave radiation-induced brain damage.

Microwave Radiation activates the NADH oxidase-mediated increase in ROS, and in turn, excessive ROS damages the mitochondrial electron transport chain, which is the main source of ROS, ultimately forming a vicious cycle and aggravating the disturbance in brain energy metabolism

Exposure To Mobile Phones

“The brain has been recognized as one of the organs that is most vulnerable to microwave radiation. Therefore, in this article, we reviewed recent studies that have explored the effects of microwave radiation on the brain, especially the hippocampus, including analyses of epidemiology, morphology, electroencephalograms, learning and memory abilities and the mechanisms underlying brain dysfunction.”

“Of the numerous studies performed to explore the effects of mobile communication devices on humans, only a few have shown that cell phones and brain tumors are statistically correlated.”

Recent Advances in the Effects of Microwave Radiation on Brains

Studies Of Wi-Fi Biological Effects

“WiFi frequency is 2.45 Ghz or 5 Ghz. 2.45 Ghz (2450 MHz) is the same frequency as emitted by a microwave oven.” src:

There are about 100 professional research studies on the biological effects of microwaves and radio frequencies in the link above. Most of this information is never talked about, or is simply understood on some ideas of how to navigate these toxic invisible waves of energy.

Microwave Fields

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from about one meter to one millimeter; with frequencies between 300 MHz (1 m) and 300 GHz (1 mm). Different sources define different frequency ranges as microwaves; the above broad definition includes both UHF and EHF (millimeter wave) bands = src: Microwave – Wikipedia

The woman is holding her head near the BTS. Harmful radiation from cellular network.

Microwaves or RF fields are used on all wireless devices such all of your bluetooth devices, cell phones, cell towers, iPads, printers, doorbells, security systems, Alexa Smart home systems, all smart technology including Smart meters and appliances. Every wireless device is pushing out microwaves into our home and environment.

Is RF The Same As WiFi?

WiFi means “Wireless”, which means communication by RF, or Radio Frequency. WiFi is a registered name for RF communication, mostly between computers, since 1997.Sep 24, 2007
Are RF and Wifi the same? | PC Review

Architecture Of Radio Waves – What Do The Microwaves Look Like?

If you are curious about seeing the RF density or what the toxic microwaves look like, then you would have wanted to get this app on your phone. This app used to give you the ability to see the cell towers, wifi and all wireless waves running in the air that you cannot see.

What if you could see the invisible microwaves inside and outside of your house? This may help you see all of the microwaves all around us. If you live in the city then you may want to check your population density and also see how many cell towers are in your area.

Back in 2015, I bought the Radio of Architecture App on my phone, to get an idea of the air microwave traffic around me.

Architecture of Radio for iPhone Skynet
Architecture of Radio for iPhone Skynet

The picture above gives you a good idea of the massive microwave pollution in the air 24/7. The long spikes are cell phone towers and the red triangles are WiFi routers.

This is what the wireless looks like with the old app. They have redesigned the app. and have turned off the cell towers and wifi detection abilities. I am sure because they don’t want you to see all of the toxic microwaves, full of energy in the sky and all over your homes. Once you would see this, instincts would ask the question: “How do I reduce or get away from all of these transmissions?”.

You can see what the app used to look like on microwave technologies. Personally, since they have removed the app’s ability to see the cell towers and wifi, the app is now pretty much worthless, but at least you can see what the waves look like. I would not buy this app now because they downgraded the capabilities since it was causing a lot of negative commotion and opinions of people seeing all of these waves saturating the airspaces.

Watch both of these short videos below, so you can get a good idea of all of the airwave or microwave pollution there is in the sky.

So, you may not want to buy this app., unless they have upgraded back to the old monitoring system. Read the reviews before purchasing this!

Architecture Of Radio Videos:

Best Microwave Acoustimeter

The best meter I use to check for RF or microwaves in my house is called the Hf35c Rf Analyze (800mhz – 2.5 Ghz).

This is an excellent meter for $337.00.- from Amazon Prime. It checks the microwaves from smart meters and tech, cell phones, wifi and all 2.4Ghz technology including wireless cameras etc. There are many meters to choose from, but this is the best one I have found for the price, acoustic sound and accuracy.

Hf35c Rf Analyze Meter
Hf35c Rf Analyze Meter

Best Cell Tower Meter

I also used the Cornet Electrosmog Meter to check for local cell towers in my house and surrounding areas. This is an excellent and inexpensive meter to hear clearly what the cell towers really sound like, if you could hear them with your ears.

Even though your ears cannot detect the high pitched ultra sonic fast pulsed technologies, they are presently there for your inner cells to hear them.

EMRSS Cornet RF Meter
EMRSS Cornet RF Meter

Electromagnetic Fields

An electromagnetic field is a classical field produced by moving electric charges. It is the field described by classical electrodynamics and is the classical counterpart to the quantized electromagnetic field tensor in quantum electrodynamics – src: Wikipedia.

EMF is short for Electromagnetic Fields and produced by every device that is connected to common electricity we all use everyday. The EMF’s vary depending on the power output of the device being used. The higher the usage of electricity usually the higher amount of EMF is produced.

Are You Sensitive To Wireless Technology?

I am very sensitive to EMF and Microwaves (RF). When I am around them I feel depressed, anxious, frustrated, irritated, less patience, mild – moderate headaches especially around the temples, confusion, hunger, memory loss, sleepiness during the day and insomnia during the night, stomach nausea and feeling very foggy (washed out in the head).

Could this be a big part of many peoples daily complaints? I live in an environment I have created to reduce or remove all of the EMF and Microwave radiation to a minimum.

When I go to the city, I feel most of the symptoms above when I am around many cell towers and other electronic equipment such as wifi, or large machines that put out a huge magnetic field.

Take a look at the Earther Academy shop for product recommendations on Electronic Meters, EMF and Microwave (RF) protection.

Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect Humans?

Electromagnetic Fields Affect Human Cells. Summary: Electromagnetic fields, similar to those found in overhead power lines, can have a biological effect on human cells, an effect that could contribute to the complex cellular process that leads to cancer, research at Michigan State University shows – src: Electromagnetic Fields Affect Human Cells — ScienceDaily

The airwaves outside of your house and inside them are saturated with these toxic and dysfunctional pulsed technologies. We are constantly in the microwaves or the EMF’s, so it’s best to learn about them and take action to reduce them.

Best EMF And Electric Field Meter

The best meters I have used to check for EMF and electric fields for the price is the TriField Meter $168.00 from Amazon prime. I have bought many of these meters, and this is the best for accuracy and also has sound density volume.

Magnetic Field Strength Meter by Trifield
Magnetic Field Strength Meter by Trifield

One of the most important areas to learn are the health and wellness concerns for wireless and EMF technologies.

I hope this video opened up your eyes to some of the invisible assaults we all need to learn to navigate to protect ourselves and our families.

The theme in many of the courses that we teach, is to learn how to navigate and understand these biological attacks, and then practice how to reduce your exposure or navigate away from the biological attack completely.

Remember, your house and office should be considered as your health and wellness sanctuaries.

Hope you enjoy this “Reducing Microwave and EMF Exposure” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

Recommended Further Studies:

Recommended Courses: Rethinking Reality: Addicted to Parasitic Technologies, The Invisible Technology we call Wireless Technology

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