Red Pill or Blue Pill? It's Your Time To Choose From The Matrix

Red Pill or Blue Pill? It’s Your Time To Choose From The Matrix

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Red Pill or Blue Pill? It’s Your Time To Choose From The Matrix – Do You Want To Have “Freedom” or “Slavery”?

This concept and parable is a stark choice that everyone who’s living and breathing will have to take sooner or later.

The big question is: “When are we “ALL” going to wake up and want to be healthy, wealthy, happy and wise”? I am talking all races, creeds, religions etc.

This can be easily realized by following the guidelines of the Earther Academy Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles.

Here is my translation of the “Light Spectrum of the Matrix of ENERGY”: In the movie The Matrix – Morpheus uses the Red Pill and Blue Pill concept in a different way than I am in this video.

The Red Pill is the lowest of form of the energy spectrum of the visible light spectrum we all see and integrate with. Here is a simple understanding of the rainbow of colors – energy in action – from lowest to the highest color, frequency, vibration or resonance in a sequential understanding:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Violet

These are the 7 principle colors of the visible energy light spectrum that we were all are taught in school about the rainbow of colors.

These energetic colors surround us all of the time for us to see, if we can realize with our real eyes what we see and understand in the translation of the unknowable Matrix of realities.

Power Levels: RED is the lowest of the energies and and VIOLET is the highest energy we see, feel, hear and touch in this “Multiverse” of fractional Real-itys.

So, I have used the “Red” color parable as the lowest part of the mind/body and the “Blue” color parable is the enlightened/aware or higher energy part of the mind/body. It’s backwards to what The Matrix was trying to share with all of us.

As we see in this reality – “Evil or Sat’ans” world is always backwards or in reverse, so we can all learn the training program – keep that in mind :))

Mental, Physical and Emotional Dysfunction Disease in our society right now is at massive and out of control proportions – WORLDWIDE, and what can we all do about it?

Diseases are surfacing all over the planet (plane-it) such as many types of cancers, ebola, SARS, HIV, swine flu, obesity, diabetes, parasites, severe depression, emotional depression and the simple common cold.

These are all immune deficiency toxicity syndromes or deficiencies of some kind. So, cleaning, detoxing, rejuvenating and rebuilding yourself and your family is very smart and honorable to do if you are slightly awake. Keeping your/our mind and body healthy, wealthy, happy and wise is not as easy a task, or endeavor, as it used to be hundreds of years ago.

The longer you/we wait to make the right choices the harder it is to “back pedal” your/our families back to health.

Almost everyone that stays on the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet) or what I call the – SO SAD – TOXIC – NOT SMART – LIFESTYLE – too long will always suffer one or a myriad of other diseases, because of the horrific and toxic diet of chemicals, glyphosate, atrazine, endocrine disputers, toxic additives, preservatives, fake foods, fast foods, GMO’s, mercury filled fillings and toxic root canals etc.

The list is surely large to learn and navigate.

Are you/we going to change, upgrade, enhance and optimize ourselves and our families when we either get really sick, or will we just wake up to the fact that we are going to be sick soon? We have two choices: So, please choose well.

Take the “Red Pill” (red symbolizes the lowest and weakest part of the light spectrum) and stay exactly where you are at with your health, physicality, mind power levels, fragile immune system, still eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet.

You know this lifestyle is not good for you or your family but “WHY DO WE/YOU DO IT ANYWAY?”.

If you still have not ventured into the essentials of detoxification, re-mineralization and rejuvenation program of the body and mind then NOW is a great time to start!

Other suggested courses: Master Slave Parasitic Reality, The Big Sickness Question and Becoming Your Own Doctor for Health and Wellness.

Or, you can choose the “Blue Pill” and take the logical and bi-logical approach to a new uncontaminated, more authentic lifestyle. You will start to learn and practice many new optimal ways that are very easy, efficient and economical in this new way of living we call the “Super Natural Lifestyle”.

The old very toxic and sickness accumulating lifestyle will be put away for good when we wake up and get a little more activated and less toxic.

Leaving all of the toxicity will bring a new world of clarity to your mind, and you will see the massive changes in just a few months. Staying away from all of the sub-optimal ways we use to run our lives.

This is a nice upgrade, as you will see, getting away from all of the toxicity and unaware sub-optimal ways that we used to have in our “sick in time” lifestyle. This is the true gateway to Optimal Health and Advanced Awareness for sure.

Most of us will not change our diets, but we can still upgrade our lifestyle products. Baby steps is the theme of Terrain Modification, and small changes will negotiate all of these optimal changes a little at a time.

I dare you to take the “Blue Pill” and see what happens when you “Optimize It All!”. So, most likely we will have to re-learn a lot as well.

As they and I say is “Change is good if you are looking for change”. Have fun and enjoy the ride to the “Best You Can Be!”.

You are what you “eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this “Red Pill or Blue Pill? It’s Your Time To Choose From The Matrix” Video ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. Robert

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