Reconnecting with The Nature Gods of the Forest

Reconnecting with The Nature Gods of The Forest

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Reconnecting with The Nature Gods of The Forest – Would you like to sense, feel and savor the miracles of the “Nature Gods” that are all around us in every way imaginable.

The “Awesome Miracles” we see and witness daily of nature is in our grocery stores, in your garden, the mountains, flowers, fruit trees, grass, rivers, water, insects, fish, mammals, reptiles. All forms and stages of “Nature” are everywhere if you live away from any of the congested, artificial polluted and toxic cities.

I was so lucky to live in the country in a small very neighborly community.

Everyone had their own pets, animals, horses, chickens, a garden in our yard, open mountains to explore, fresh air, no wireless technologies and just a simple life we enjoyed outside everyday in nature.

The “Five Sacred Elements”

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ethereal are all a part of the “Magic of Nature”.

These “Five Spiritual Elements”, when all working together, resurrect and give spontaneous life to all forms of the forests, oceans, water, rain and all of the millions of variable species who eat and drink from the “Five Sacred Elements” to go through their lifecycle and reproduce.

Reconnecting with the “Natural World” is one of our true divinities as “Earth Stewards”. To care for all living lifeforms that are produced by the “Sacred Elements”.

Environmental stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Aldo Leopold (1887–1949) championed environmental stewardship based on a land ethic “dealing with man’s relation to land and to the animals and plants which grow upon it”.

So, it is very important to get out in nature and reconnect back to the natural world from which we came from so we understand the miracle all around us all of the time. This “Naturally Free Therapy” will help you tremendously in all areas of your health and wellness.

Part of our health and wellness journey is to make sure to spend an appreciable amount of time away from all artificial energies ie: WiFi (or Why-Fry?), TV, Cell Phones, Computers, Artificial Lights/Energy/Air, City Noise and Pollution etc. to hear the sounds and see the wonders of the “Nature Gods” in your area.

This is the very magic of the “Nature Gods” and our connection to them. You have to see it to believe it for yourself πŸ™‚

When we reconnect back and start taking care of nature – our health in general, internal emotional feelings, gratitude instead of attitude, happiness instead of being sad or frustrated, etc magically becomes better immediately.

Once we “Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize” our lifestyles and diets to a less dense and more plant based lifestyle, we start to sense many changes in our perception of the reality of the “Miracle of Nature”.

Our bodies become more in tune with the Earth and Cosmos when our “Physical, Mental, Emotional and Ethereal Bodies” are less dense, and we then can easily rise up to another layer of “Awareness and Optimal Health”.

The more dense and clogged we become the more we are cut off from nature and all of its miraculous wonders.

Once I changed my diet to a plant based diet I had more feeling for everything that is sharing the planet with all of us.

There is no better feeling than to sense the “Five Sacred Elements/Spirits” or the “Nature Gods”. These are the real miracles we take for granted on a daily bases.

Once we change our ways to a “Super Natural Lifestyle” we are so much more grounded and humble to the existence of it all.

I have found out in my journey that I become more “Spiritual/Natural” or loving with my surroundings, relationships of all kinds when I stopped eating flesh and went on a “No Blood or Flesh” diet.

Try not to have any flesh or blood for 180 days and see what happens to you!

If we live in the subtropics or the tropical areas we do not have kill anything with a face to stay alive, but if we live in the cold northern latitudes then it is not as easy to strictly go on a “Blood and Flesh” free diet or plant based diet unless you have access to superfoods and other essentials.

I would give it a try so you can see the the positive change in your “Body/Mind” frequencies as we rid ourselves of all the parasitic creatures and toxicity keeping us sick and tired.

Learn and practice the Earther Academy protocols, practices and principles we call Terrain Modification.

When the body starts to harmonize at a higher level of vibration and energetic order you will experience a new beginning in the form of consciousness or awareness from where you are today.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear, Do and not Do” so be conscious of that.

Keep enjoying the evolution journey and all of the miracles that nature gives to all of us everyday!

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Hope you enjoy this “Reconnecting with The Nature Gods of The Forest” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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  1. I’m starting to take control of own life instead of being a slave to the system. This weekend my family and I are moving to 3 acres in Northern Idaho by the Canada border. The Chem trails aren’t sprayed this far north. I love what is said in this video. I’m starting to see layers and depth in nature and it has inspire me to start painting again. Thank you for the video’s Dr. Cassar Aloha

    -Brett Baragia Ex- Military turned Earther

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