Rattlesnakes and Deadly Parasites

Rattlesnakes and Deadly Parasites

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Rattlesnakes and Deadly Parasites – What if you had a Poisonous Snake or large Serpent Tapeworm Creature/Parasites in your intestines right now? We are going to share with you a deadly, real life parable that most of us can not even imagine could be living inside of us right now – in real time.

This video was filmed in 2009 in California at my other farm, when I used to have long hair and learning, practicing and living as a Shaman of nature or all living things.

The intestines/alimentary canal (or the “Tree of Life”) is over 35 feet long from mouth to anus. This is where a lot of parasitic creatures thrive and live from behind the scenes.

Most parasites hide from us and of course inside of us. They are mostly undetectable to the host and they seamlessly control our minds and bodies without you even knowing about it.

These parasites are connected into our nervous systems and are very powerful, as is this snake I am holding. I got a chance to see that when I was bit by mistake and was in the hospital for 6 days.

What if the “Serpent/Snake” I am holding could be just as big as the snake we have in your belly or intestines right now?

If you did have one of these creatures in you the million dollar question would be: “How do I remove this deadly parasitic creatures safely and easily?”.

The simple cure is learning and practicing the over 50 departments of  Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles here on eartheracademy.com


I am a snake expert and am holding the most deadly twin venom, super poisonous snake that lives in North America – The Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. It is found in abundance in the mountains and suburbs of Southern California.

This type of rattlesnake is called the “King/Killer” of the vipers in North America because of the two type of venoms it bites you with. This poisonous snake was the twin venom viper that bit me after handling him hundreds of times for approx. 5 years of captivity.

Many shamans use the many variety of species of venomous creatures poisons to help them in their Shamanic journeys into the world of “No Form” and “Self Realization”.

The real life parable is that I am holding a deadly 3.5 ft very venomous snake, and we are going to compare this deadly snake with the tapeworm and other parasitic species that can easily grow in our bodies, especially our intestines. A foot a year and up to 60 ft in length in a lifetime for some species like the fish tape worm.

When I was bit I was totally paralyzed in 40 minutes, and could not move or speak in the emergency room. I was in the hospital for 6 days in 24 hrs/intensive care, and they gave me 66 vials of anti-venom over the 6 days – I even had my own private nurse :))

The emergency hospital was to either help me loosing a limb, dying from the poisons or to help me re-birth a new biological resurrection of a completely new self. To be re-born with a whole different set of very sensitive sensors and alternative to the physical realities of all layers of “Life and Death”.

The hospitals price tag of me being in their care for the 6 days/nights was over 600K dollars. I was very lucky I had insurance and they had the anti venom vials in the close vicinity.

I used all of the 5 hospitals inventory of anti-venom over the 6 days, because the hospital I was in only had enough anti venom for a few of the less toxic rattlesnakes like the Diamond Back Rattlesnake.

They say I have the World Record (of being injected over a period of 6 days 66 vials of $1800/vial medication) of a person taking this much anti-venom before.

So, the snake researchers from Arizona were very curious of my complete, very quick recovery, and did several studies on me to see why I did not have the normal necrosis, or death, to any of my tissues from the extremely potent poisons I got from the snake, and the venom of the anti-venom.

I have removed over 10 pounds of intestinal parasitic creatures, and over 25 pounds of other parasitic creatures over the last 20 years and these are the protocols we share at eartheracademy.com

Yes, I did learn my lessons for this experience, and I did get many positive reactions to the venom in both my mind and body.

The elusive parasites in our bodies and just as powerful as this venomous Rattle Snake.

In my opinion – most all disease or maladies are caused by either malnutrition, toxicity, dehydration and/or parasites.

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Please also see: The Reptile Blog and The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Keep enjoying the journeys and try not to play around with venomous vipers as your pets :))

Dr. Robert

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