Parables On Terrain Modification

Parables On Terrain Modification

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Parables On Terrain Modification – “Terrain Modification Philosophy” is one of the most important departments we share and teach at Earther Academy. This is a simple brief parable and overview of some of the ideas of Terrain Modification.

There are so many areas in Terrain Modification to upgrade, enhance and optimize in our “Health, Wealth, Happiness and Evolutionary Lifestyle”.

Parasites are one of the topics that most people do not want to talk or hear about, and all “Parasites and Toxicity” play off one another and are dis-ease or sickness creators in all creatures that breath air.

The more Parasites you have the more Toxicity you have and vice versa, and the more “Toxicity” you have the more “Parasites” you have.

“Biological Dysfunction” are usually always associated with parasites and various forms of toxicity that may take 10-20 years to manifest the “Sickness” or many types of moderate to severe debilitating “Diseases”.

The simple solution:

Be more proactive and disciplined in learning and practicing Earther Academy Detoxification and Rejuvenation Protocols, Practices and Principles a little at a time. There is so much to learn and practice when we start to navigate to our toxic lifestyle that most of us do not know we have.

Recommended Courses and Categories: Essential Philosophy, Rethinking Reality, ParasitesStarting Your Terrain Modification Journey and Lymphatic System.

Enjoy the journeys ahead and hope you enjoy this “Parables On Terrain Modification” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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