Opening My New Steampure Water Distiller

Opening My New Steampure Water Distiller

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Opening My New Steampure Water Distiller – Steam Distillation: Natures Purest and Smartest Water in the World.

I call this type of water “Dry Water” or “Steam Distilled Water”.

This is virtually the same water that comes from the sky in the form of rain. Pure H20 water – 000 ppm water when produced.

Is Condensed versus Distilled Water the only difference between how it is produced naturally or man made?

You still get pure H20 – 000ppm water from each process.

I have found drinking distillation ( Dry Water ) is the best way to keep less toxic and from accumulating many toxins.

I use at least 1 gallon day my self through out the day. I use this as the base in my recipes that I use and also drink about 1/2 gallon a day straight up.

We can get all of our minerals from the foods we eat, and the transdermal skin feeding protocols I share with people at Earther Academy.

Do you buy bottled water from the store? Do you drink tap water or city water? Do you have well water?

If you are using a Water Filter and not Steam Distilled Water it is not as clean as you think!

There are many toxic substances steam distillation can remove from your water easily. Much better than the most expensive water filter I have seen can do.

The most natural and cleanest water in the world is water through steam distillation.

This is the way that Nature keeps the world clean and feeds the plants, animals, fish, insects etc. through condensed / distilled water we call rain.

The plants drink the distilled water and the earth gets a good cleaning with the distilled water.

It is one of the ways that the Earth can keep itself clean by washing condensed / distilled water over it all of the time in the form of rain and other forms of water.

Distilled water will support removing ( almost 100% ) out many types of contaminates like no other filters can.

Most filters will remove the particulates in the water, but not chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, etc. unless you have very specialized expensive systems.

Mostly all water filters ( even the expensive RO filters ) do not remove gases, acids, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, arsenic, fluoride, chemicals etc.

Distilled water is one of the cheapest and best ways to really get pure drinking water, and you can make it yourself with ordinary tap water out of your sink.

Important point to consider: Do not buy Distilled Water unless it is in glass!

Buy a gallon of distilled water at the store and taste it good. It will have an after taste of chemicals and plastics if your sensors are working some what.

My dad calls this water “Sweet Water” because it taste super sweet and impeccably clean.

Distilled water is a very powerful detoxifier and eats some of the plastic petroleum bottle and cap, and the minor slime residue that is in the bottle when the bottle was made in the factory.

That’s why it tastes like plastic when drinking from a plastic bottle. It’s so strong that it starts to eat the plastic… thus tasting like plastic.

Drinking Distilled Water daily seems to have profound wonders on supporting detoxifying the body and mind.

You can always add your own ionic minerals to the water too.

So, making it yourself is easy and cheap to do if you have a distiller.

You have to make this water since the plastic bottles they are stored in when sold at the store is still toxic.

Be careful on the models on the internet. I have bought over 10 of them and I have had problems with the Chinese models.

I use this made in the USA company for 35 years and we have a special deal with them.

So, if you use your 120 dollars worth of instant credits you can use 100 dollars of towards your steam distiller.

That means delivered to you ( within in the 48 US ) with the 100 dollars of extras the final cost is about $434.00.

Then go ahead and use your 20 dollar credit at and get some Ionic Magnesium Trace Minerals, Living Silica, Organic Coconut Oil, Himalayan Crystal SaltHibiscus FlowersChia Seeds, Lugol’s Iodine, MSM, Organic Stevia, Organic Maca and other essential upgrade products for health and wellness.

Get an Earth Shift Kitchen and you can make 100’s of a variety of recipes including the Liquids of Vitality Detox Drinks and Ferments.

Here you can see more about our Steampure Water Distiller.

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Hope you enjoy this Opening My New Steampure Water Distiller Video :))

Dr. Robert

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      Aloha I have never had this happen or heard of another person this has happened too…. Lucky you :))
      Steam Pure has a warranty .. you can call them up … and they will usually send you the replacement parts for free or tell you what you are possibly doing wrong.

      :)) Dr. Robert

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