Morning Washout Intestinal Tract Cleanout Drink

Morning Washout Intestinal Tract Cleanout Drink

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My Morning Washout Intestinal Tract Cleanout Drink and Recipe.

Do you have intestinal problems of any kind? Are you overweight and toxic from the foods and bad incomplete digestion you have been having?

I made this video in 2014 and I still use the same recipe today when I need too.

This is the intestinal recipe I use to unload the debris in my intestinal tract through defecation. I am not asking you to try this, but I have been using this along with thousands of personal patients who have used this, or a similar recipe with outstanding results.

Life is researching, a total experiment and a work in progress :))

This is my personal and very effective “Morning Washout Intestinal Tract Cleanout Drink” to support removing and absorbing some of the toxic chemicals, debris, parasites, pesticides, GMO’s, fake/processed or fast foods.

This “Cleanout” drink is not to be used all of the time. I use this drink when I eat out at a restaurant, and or I have eaten something that stuffed me up or got me constipated.

The intestinal tract in a human is approx 30 feet long. The small intestine is about 25 ft and large intestine is about 5 feet.

The intestines can have up to about 10 – 20 pounds of food, old toxic materials, hard accumulated debris and lots of various parasites in our intestines causing us to get a distended belly.

The intestines can be easily impacted when having the incorrect toxic dehydrated liquid and food diet.

In my opinion this should be of major concern if you are overweight, or what is called “Obese”, and you want to stay healthy, happy and vibrant.

The simple fact is, if we are not excreting through our bowels as much as we are eating, then we get backed up and toxic and fat or even worse “OBESE”.

Most people have a variety of complaints when it comes to digesting regular commercial / conventional foods. I also hear a wide range of complaints / dysfunctions when defecating, or going #2 in the bathroom while on the SAD ( Standard American Diet ) diet as well.

This drink also helps flush out some of the hard and clogged debris in the small and large intestinal tract.

If you eat three meals a day, then you should go #2 at least that many times too. This is not the case for most people.

Some people only go once 1 – 3 times per week. This is very frightening to hear if you are a physician or nutritionist of any type.

OBESITY – Most people eat way to much of the incorrect foods and liquids. We can see this very easily when we look at the USA and Mexico statistics of people overweight or just obese.

Here are some of the stats of 10 of the fattest or obese countries in the world. These countries have a severe “OBESITY DISEASE” in the population.

Definition of “Obesity“:

“The condition of being grossly fat or overweight. When people get over 30#’s or a 30%+ body fat to lean muscle mass ratio.”

The Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World – 2017 Update with obesity disease.

Read more on all of the 10 countries of the fattest country’s in the world.

Here are a few of the stats: ( It’s Incredible how sick the world is )

  • #1 – Kuwait – 42.8%
  • #6 – United Arab Emirates – 33.7%
  • #9 – Mexico – 32.8%
  • #10 – USA – 31.8%

100 million people in the USA are obese and toxic!!!

Also, don’t forget the 100 million diabetics in the USA, and there is a large list of other labeled sicknesses on the list as well.

Most overweight and toxic people are all thus impacted with dense foods like toxic meats of all kinds, cooked foods of any type, sugary foods and drinks, fast and processed foods,

Remember, when you have a big belly as they say ( male or female ), it usually means you have a lot of putrefied rotten foods, solid debris and a hand full of many species of visual parasitic worms, pathogenic negative bacteria’s / virus, tapeworms, hook worms etc. that live in the intestines of most all obese people – Parasites that are in the intestines.

In my studies and research over the past 45 years, I have found that body fat is a live creature that easily and massively colonizes in the body by eating excessive amounts of glucose / sugar of any kind.

There is always the person that should try changing their diet first, before wasting their time trying to clean out the sewage pit, when they are going to pack it right back up with garbage which we call “BAD FOOD” and “LIQUIDS”.

Many 10’s of millions of people daily in the USA, and 100’s of millions in the world, have chronic moderate to severe intestinal problems / complaints, and should either go and see a doctor to tell you what they are going to do, or what synthetic chemical they call a “Prescription”, you are going to get to have your symptoms manged and problem not cured.

We can also learn the simple 50 departments of Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles at here on, or pick and choose wisely other more natural methods.

Either we have to have critical thinking or we have someone else think and give us what we need. The choice is ours to again… So, choose wisely of course :))

You can only cure and help yourself… so really remember that :))

Always ask your doctor if you are OK to start any of the “Terrain Modification Protocols”. This drink is very effective so I always recommend people to always start slow and you can increase it in time to your sensitivities you may have.

My Personal Morning Washout Intestinal Tract Cleanout Drink Recipe:

If I want more of a loose intestinal flush, because I am really clogged, then I usually would add 1 tbsp of sole salt with this recipe, and I found this to really help loosen the hardened packed stools significantly – Always start slow! :))

OPTIONAL and More Advanced:

  • 100mg – 200mg’s of Niacin – always start with 100mg for the first time.
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp of MSM Powder ( pharmaceutical grade )
  • 5- 10 drops of Organic Stevia ( hexanes and alcohol free ). The Stevia makes the drink a lot better and it has zero calories to add to the recipe.
  • 1/4 tsp of Organic Cayenne to really activate the drink more.

This intestinal recipe drink will usually give you a bowel movement in about 1 to 3 hours. So, stay close to the toilet :))

If you don’t go to the bathroom in 3 hours then you many want to try a stronger dose until you find the right dose for you.

All the products shown in the video are all available at discounts and pure concentrates at Earth Shift Products

Recommended Categories to Study:

Ferments for rebuilding the Gut Wall Flora. You need to always re-flourish the bacteria after this drink to support repopulating the intestines again.

You must clean up your diet and start following the liquid protocols we share in our videos, if you really want to start loosing the hardened fat and debris  you have accumulated in your intestines.

Remember, obesity is a real disease and there are many ways to cure this epidemic.

Hope you enjoy this “Morning Washout Intestinal Tract Cleanout Drink” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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