• Athena Creamer posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    ALOHA! I’m MISSED you all. I got off track when I ran out of Seaweed and Niacin and using my old beauty products. I can tell I am clogged, in spite of doing gwashing and coconut oil and ferments. I tried Bravo yogurt (50 strains of bacteria) and stopped using the ferments to see if there is a difference. I DON’T THINK IT WORKS AS WELL AS FERMENTS. I may add some of it to my ferments. I made STRAWBERRY, PEAR, and GRAPE (made with pure purple grape juice, no water) to see if it would be wine. The Strawberry ferment smells like Boone’s Farm strawberry wine. My other ferments are bitter orange, and black plum/grape. Got some Himalayan salt finally. WANTED TO SHARE a bad experience. A friend gave me a whole line of skincare that was very expensive and smelled funny. Like dead skin kind of like bandaids) It put me into a DEEP depression for 3 days. Then I found out it is made from stem cells (grown from “one” aborted fetus). I think I was absorbing the agony the aborted babies went through. My skin was better, but my soul was grieved. No offense to anyone who has undergone an abortion. I know you had good reasons. But, I had a very sad time. Just saying. I will delete this in case my friend ever sees it because it would hurt her. MAHALO

    • 2 years ago i used a moisturizing face creme that also incorporated ‘stem cells’. I has the same experience…a lowering of energy. i didn’t make the connection until I read your experience. I was sold on it by claims of physical revitalization. I see now that there spiritual degeneration that will far outweigh any possible physical gains. My advice to all who come accross these products… STAY AWAY.

      • Hi Clay, I saw your reply a few months ago, but was not able to answer at the time. I definitely agree with you! I’m glad to know I was not the only one to notice the spiritual effects. Good Advice! MAHALO