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    Hello, I live in Texas and I been learning TM for about 3 years.

    In the beginning I began drinking a lot more water about 64-128 oz per day.

    Ordered Minerals and Detox Basics from earthshift.com

    And started making Kombucha, Kefir, Dr. R’s Probiotic Brew, Fermented Vegetables and Other Microbiome healing foods.

    I began supplementing B-12.

    I Quit Sugar, And Became Keto-adapted (body burns fat-ketones instead of sugar-glucose for fuel)

    Started eating One Meal A Day in the Evening Consisting of a Higher Vibrational and Nutrient Organic, Heirloom Vegetables, Raw and Living Fermented Foods, High-Protein, High-Fat, Mineral Rich Plant Foods
    Seasoned with Seaweed, Soleil Salt, Medicinal Spices, Herbs and Superfoods.
    Around 3-5 pm (I go to bed around 8-10pm)

    I sleep about 5-8 hrs on weekdays and 8-12 on the weekend or when I have time.
    I realley love sleep became it is a great way to regenerate the body, reconnect to spirit and gain new awareness. Dream and go on adventures!

    The Rest of the day I drank Alkaline Water, Hibiscus+Chia Suntea, Blue-Green Prism Water (high in Minerals and Potent Amino Acids/Protein) and Occasionally the Fulvic Shilijit and the Lemon Cayenne Detox Drink

    Also drank some Probiotic Brew And refed it Daily.

    Drank Kombucha ALOT, (which I refeed weekly)and noticed it contains lactic acid which affects exercise performance so I drink it in the evening after my business is done.

    Showered Daily and Deep Cleansed/Renewed/Purified Once a Week (Sunday!)
    With Skin Cleaning, Guasha and Sauna.

    Put Dechlorinaters on my shower heads, bought a steam distiller and STOPPED SWIMMING IN PUBLIC SWIMMING POOLS! I Only like to Swim in the Sea Salt pools and Ocean now.
    Hot Springs, Mud Baths are great too.

    I Exercise Everyday for at least 50 min maintenance
    Working on Strength, Flexibility, Endurance
    Stretching 20 min ( for 10 min before and 10 min after) Cardio 20 min Weight Lifting and Resistance Training 30 min
    Use Visualization techniques. (Everything begins in the mind)
    Practice Breathing in-Out through the Nostrils, to increase Oxygen-CO2 Release.

    Took me awhile to realize that a Plantbased Paleo-Ketogenic Diet was ideal for burning fat and preserving lean muscle tissue. Combined with TM to Maximize detox.

    Sugar-Carbohydrates, become extra calories.
    So the more carbs/sugar I eat the more Cardio I do.

    Excess Sugar feeds the Microbes, Good and Bad.
    Fat/Protein do not, and are instead used by the body, organs, tissue to repair, preserve and maintain itself.

    Of course not all Carbs/Sugar can be avoided as they are in most everything (even most high fat/protein foods)
    But they can be mass eliminated in concious form (fruit, starchy roots, grains, sweeteners, refined carb products eg. Flour, pasta, bread)

    The use of a online nutrition calculator helped me a lot.
    Try chronometer.com and myfitnesspal.com
    To research and document your carb intake.

    As for Fat/Protein, I don’t require much in comparison to before.
    Only for Optimum Physical maintenance and I found Carbs to be unessesary to maintenance of my Body, to my microbes was Another Story! (and they possibly were detaining my fitness/health goals, i was stuck in the glucose-cardio trap)

    I don’t feel deprived, tired, afraid, hungry, weak, bored, controlled, addicted, dependent, irritated, negitive etc.

    I feel strong, free, happy, healthy, light, clean, clear, loved, loving, Grateful, inquisitive, calm, peaceful, creative, inspired, grounded, powerful, connected, …

    And this isn’t because of just due to the method, it’s because this is what I asked for and wanted to be.
    I chose it and decided to Be It Now!

    I created the exact Image of What I want, and the How appeared to manifest it.

    You Could Be Different.

    Through my own Research Outside EarthShift, Earther Academy, TM Protocols and Dr.Cassar
    I have learned through my own experience, What seems to Work in harmony with Me.

    This is just my experience, my journey, my personal lifestyle.

    I have to live in it, not you. You have to live in yours.

    Do What Works For You.
    In Regards to the fact that we are all connected and the world is an extension of ourself.

    Just Love Yourself, however you long to be loved.

    Love your fellow Living Beings, we share the same Spirit.

    I Encourage you to beleive in what You Love most, for your own soul.
    Don’t be afraid to be an unique individual.

    find the way that works best With you so that you can experience
    and enjoy the most in this Life however you choose and are guided.

    There are infinite possibilities.

    Make Dreams Reality.

    With Love Always,

    Namaste 🙏🏽❤️

    • Hi, I need help on how to make a starter fermented or master fermented drink to use for the rest of the ferments. Is coconut water ferment a base for all others? How would I begin? Thanks.

      • yes, coconut water has sugar in it to feed the flora with.
        You can add the contents of about 2 probiotic capsules to get it started. Add a squirt of fulvic acid, ionic magnesium and Living silica to it, it will strengthen the good bacteria and prevent pathogen growth.
        Let the mixture sit for 24 to allow the “bugs” to wake up and start populating.
        Then it is ESSENTIAL that you feed them a small bit of sugar each day so that they will eat, thrive and keep growing.
        Keep it at room temperature, too cold and they will sleep which is good if you want to refridgerate and stop the process for a few days, but make sure it’s not frozen. Heat will easily kill the whole thing, so be careful , don’t cook it! Then you have a good base to add as a starter liquid.