• Clay posted an update in the group Group logo of Water FastingWater Fasting 3 years, 9 months ago

    I am ready to begin my one week water fasting/detox.
    Do i use only distilled water, or distilled water with added minerals?

    • Hey Clay! How was it, if you did it? I mean the 1-week fasting…

    • It was COOL. I felt a lil dizzy some days. Cheated 2 days with a small amount almond nuts. Only made it five days before i had to go to a big to do which meant eating a traditional dinner. But I started back on a new 7 day water fast the next day and was better prepared. It cleaned me out and shrunk my stomach. I can only eat one time a day now and its 75% veggies. Meat is like a social thing. I won’t eat it on my own. I’m evolving and the water flush was the 1st step.

    • good work brotha, did you find the aswer to what kind of water we should be drinking?