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    OK. It is day 4, Friday, of my latest fast and I just could wait to spill the beans. It is 7am in the morning here in Boston, though I have been up since 5am (full of energy and couldn’t sleep) and I feel FANTASTIC.
    This is as far as I’ve ever gone in a fast (baby steps) and even with some , well… cheating along with it. But i’ll go into that later.
    Day 1 was Tuesday, the day after Christmas. I went the morning and the afternoon only on distilled water with magnesium , chlorella or spirulina mixed in. I also did an enema. I made it through the day with no sickness or headaches. it did make me cranky though. I was at my local sauna, Dillon Russian Steam Bath, and got into an argument with a 30 something yr old knucklehead over the sauna. I wanted it dry, which is better to remove toxins, he wanted it wet, the usual old fashioned way, way less effective. One can say thing got a little heated in the sauna, but I got close up and personal in his face he came to see the light. the rest of the day was smooth.
    Day 2, Wednesday, started off fine. Tea’s and distilled water. I had to take my 82 year old mother to the her doctors appointment. I felt fine. Made ti through the day with some liquids of vitality. That evening, I attended a heated yoga class and survived without passing out. later that evening, while on the internet perusing recipes, from Dr. Cassar, i came across Patrick Flannigan, and his neurophone invention. A way to relax and meditate using sound frequencies. Found there were a number of postings on YouTube utilizing that process. I listened and the heavens opened up. Between the fasting and the energy from listening to the videos I could feel negative energies leaving my body. I slept.like a baby
    Day 3, Thursday, I started experiencing some headaches. But it felt as therapeutic. Like a fog was being listed from my brain. I lectored at my daily Mass. Came home and slept until mid afternoon. Then viewed more Academy courses on enemas, cleansing and recipes. I decided to make the ‘Main Course’ Salad dressing. Went out, got the tomatoes, basil and etc needed and set about doing so. The wife came home while i was in the middle of it and helped me. It tastes delicious. Later that evening I drank hibiscus tea form distilled water to keep hydrated.
    Today is day 4 and here what i have noticed. I had a prostate situation that has dissipated noticeably. I haven’t got up to go to the bathroom in 2 nights. REALLY? Unbelievable. No straining to urinate, and nice long relaxing urinations. This morning I was awakened by something hard underneath me as I lay on my stomach. It was ME. I couldn’t sleep, it was 5am, the wife was in her REM stages. So I go up and cleared out the kitchen of the Doritos, popcorn and every other junk food. I also cleared out all the processed foods in the fridge. My wife, a food hoarder like most females, isn’t going like it, BUT, that’s life:)
    As I sit typing this, listening to deep theta binaural beats at 432hz, I feel warm, despite the 0 degree temperature outside. My body is changing. Yesterday I noticed in my stool what appeared to be dead bugs. It was scary. But it proves what Cassar is saying. there are parasites inhibiting our bodies. They are REAL.
    Now for the cheating The 1st night I had a very small amount of kale and ham. I did it becasue i felt like I had to do something together with the wife. Wednesday I had a burger and fries with my mother as i fed her after her doctors appointment. Thursday I had a small salad with the Main Course salad dressing at the end of the evening with the wife. All three times the eating was involved with interaction. I have found that eating is more social than anything else. Most of my/our social interactions occur around eating. Changing my diet is going to incurred exclusion from many of the circles I interact in. But the benefit Mentally, Physically and Spiritually has been amazing so far. Probably more spiritually than anything else. I feel closer to God than I have ever and i don’t want it to stop. I can feel fears and negativities dissipating.
    So in all my goal today is a total fast. No slippage despite any social interaction. My goal is to complete the fast through Saturday. I am not proud of my slippage, but a lot has been achieved despite it. I encourage everyone to give it a go. GO FORTH give it try… you have NOTHING to lose and so much to gain.