Life Is But A Dream So Please Dream Well - Mini Lecture with Dr. Robert Cassar

Life is but a Dream… So, Please Dream Well

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Life is but a Dream… Isn’t it so?

Aloha all, are we Re-Visioning the dreams that we have  been told from when we have been so young to have critical thinking? That’s the purpose of this “Life is but a Dream” Video.


Du-ALITY GAME or a new Game called TRI-ALITY.

This very important mind expanding video as all of the other videos are  too are to point out that we do have either a dream that we have REAL self responsibly dream or we are under the spell of the System the Snake and Serpent or the System of Control and Subversion.

Where do you want to be? Big Question’s to Ask Ourselves.

Abracadabra: “OPEN SAYS ME”  : “Open Sesame” :))

So shall it be “Thought”, So shall it be “Written”, So shall it be “Said” and so shall it be “Done” :))

“Divide and Conquer” is a simple parable that has been seen for at least 2,000 years or so.

Since the years of the literary works and the  parables of Christ, Buddha, Orion Yeshua and many others that have been written into the common scriptures as being Gods over us Underlings and Peasants.

This is very hard to understand because so many people people are under the spell of the dream that is very powerful indeed, as you will see when once disconnected from its power of confidence to the dark side.

Can you wake up within the dream?

Or, are you being dreamed by the powerful and unseen presence of “Demonic Unknown Possession”? I mean a unknown demonic dream that is being pushed on us personally and collectively as a species, whether we like it or not.

Please remember this presence is totally unknown to the host, and is probably / possibly 95% of the people breathing population or beings being breathed by the “Holy Spirit” or the “Most High”, as some would like to say.

We all own this incredible machine we call the “HUMAN BODY”, or what I call the “Human Cyborgus Organis” machine of machines.

The true part of the unknowable part of ourselves we call the body and the mind.  The body, machine, organic life cell or what I like to call the Flesh Garment is here for us to learn how to navigate in the 3rd Reich.

This is the “World of Form” that is very hard to understand. Because, the “World of Form” has many false boundaries to the world of “Multidimensional-ality” reality is very false / unseen as you will see in the near future, if you are up to the download of this “Layer of Truth, Lies, Secrets and Deceptions”.

Hope you like this “Life is but a Dream… So, Please Dream Well!” Mini Lecture and please feel free to post any comments below :))

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