Let's Go Feed The Children

Let’s Go Feed The Children

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Hodie and I are going to feed some of the children and have some fun on the farm. Sunset is the time of the evening that all of our animals on the farm know it’s dinner time. We will also take a look at a beautiful electric colored rainbow I see a few times a week on the ocean – Amazing 🙂

I always look forward to the evening time I spend with the animal, as they are so grounding and always unconditionally loving friends.

Hawaiian Sunset
Hawaiian Sunset

I would have to say; out of all of the animals I have had over the years – I like the sheep the best as loving companions and grounding for the soul. Sheep do not bark or bite like dogs do. They will greet you with the only word they speak : “Baaaaaah – Baaaaaah” in the morning, or when they see you are going to socialize or feed them.

Nanu is our Russian Boar that I bottle fed from a wild baby we caught. She is currently 12 years old and weighs in about 350 pounds of solid muscle.

I really learn a lot by studying these precious domesticated animals, especially the hierarchy the males and females have in the herd and how the mothers are the best caregivers and protectors of their children. The father of the sheep really has nothing to do with the children – mom takes 100% of the duty of raising and protecting the children.

Since it is sunset – we will hear all of the Mockingbirds that have come back to their home, in the large patch of tall bamboo trees.

They sing loudly with one another for about 30-40 minutes in the morning, when leaving home to forage and play and when they return in the evening time. The Mocking bird clan is made up of at least 500+ birds all from the same clan/family that sing and serenade to all of us 7 days a week, 2 times a day like clockwork – without a break.

Hodie is a male Scarlet Macaw and has been in the family for over 45 years, and he is about 60 years old. I have been taking care of Hodie since I was about 15 years old. The two Blue and Gold are both boys – Guancho is 30 years old and Pepe is about 35 years. When I moved from California in 2011 – I brought the three Macaws and two African Sulcata Turtles that weigh about 250 pounds each and are about 40 years old.

Even though the sheep eat grass about 10 hours a day, they all love to get a snack of alfalfa and some salt as a treat. I don’t really have to feed them but I love to watch them eat, and I can spend some time with them more socially.

Food is one of the best ways to train just any animal, or even humans are easily trained with food. The master that gives out the food everyday is the one who is in charge of the animals/people.

Food is the powerful control tool for social behavior as we can see in our own lives.

Farm living is much more physical and less mental, and city dwelling is generally more mental and less physical. One thing is for sure; if you have a farm/homestead you will be very physical most of the time but the physical effect is extremely gratifying and makes us feel more purposeful with life.

There is always some action going on the farm and this time of year it’s time for the sheep to give birth. So far in the last 4 weeks we have had 3 rams and 4 ewes birthed so far. We are still waiting for 3 more moms to give birth in the next few weeks.

If you would like to see some of the other farm animals, here are a few more videos to watch.

Life On The Earther Academy Farm
Life On The Earther Academy Farm

Life On The Earther Academy Farm is an Earther Members video.

See you in the next video – hope you enjoy :))

Dr. Robert

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