How to Make Super Mineralized Sole Salt

How To Make Super Mineralized Sole Salt

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How To Make Super Mineralized Sole Salt – THE BEST LIQUID SALT IN THE WORLD!

Have you ever had Liquid Sole Salt? Sweet Salt? or Blue/Green Algae Salt?

We are going to show you 3 Sole Salt Liquid Recipes.

Sole Salt, which is a 26% strength solution, is the strongest, best and cleanest salt to use in my opinion.

This Mineralized Liquid Salt Recipe is one of my most “Simple Secret Formulas” to stay healthy, wealthy happy and wise.

I only use this Mineralized Liquid Sole Salt on all of the foods or liquids.

Using the correct “Salt” is necessary it is the most powerful conductor to all of our cells.

Most of the salts that are not protected from all of the pollution I would not use.

We are going to use Himalayan Salt, Ionic Magnesium Minerals, Living Silica, MSM and you can use distilled or high pH alkaline water,

Recipe #1

Basic Mineralized Sole Salt Recipe.

This is the Basic Mineralized Sole Salt Recipe.

Recipe #2

Violet Prism salt or Rainbow salt color.

Add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of Red Beet Extract with Spirulina.

PS: When using the Red Beet Extract with Spirulina, only use the distilled water to make your recipe if you want the iridescent blue / indigo / violet colors to stay bright in color, and not be dissolved the high pH or high acid water. Distilled is always best for this recipe.

Recipe #3

Sweet Sole Salt.

Sweet salt without having any calories of sugar –  This is great for certain recipes.

Add 3 – 10 drops of Earth Shift Organic Liquid Stevia or to taste.

Enjoy the recipes and you will see and taste the “Healthiest Salt in the World” :))

Dr. Robert

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      Aloha Talia, I like using Himalayan large salt crystals to make my sole. The salt will only dissolve to a 26% strength solution.

      So, once the sole salt reaches that max solution or strength the salt will not dissolve any further. This is totally normal and shows you had enough salt in the jar to reach the 26% strength.

      Hope that helps,

      Dr. Robert

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